Improving our understanding of the effects of PFOS on fish

Two papers recently published in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry have made important advancements toward understanding the effects of perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) on aquatic life, especially fish. Zebrafish had ...

EU fails to decide on glyphosate use extension

The EU failed Friday to agree extending the use of glyphosate—a weedkiller the WHO fears could be carcinogenic—because of division among the bloc's 27 member countries, a European Commission spokesman said.

Hypergravity odyssey of Earth's tiniest plant

The smallest flowering plant on Earth might become a nutritious foodstuff for astronauts in the future, as well as a highly efficient source of oxygen. To help test their suitability for space, floating clumps of watermeal—individually ...

NGOs accuse Bayer of hiding glyphosate risk data

An NGO grouping said Wednesday it had filed claims in an Austrian court alleging that chemicals firm Bayer withheld data showing health risks from exposure to its herbicide glyphosate, which the EU has proposed to keep using ...

EU pushes 10-year renewal for controversial herbicide

The European Commission proposed to renew the use of the controversial and widely used herbicide glyphosate in the EU for 10 years on Wednesday, after a report saw no reason to block it.

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