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Natural nanotech anticancer drug

Sanguinarine is a natural product, a chemical made by certain plants including the bloodroot plant (Sanguinaria canadensis), the Mexican prickly poppy (Argemone mexicana), Chelidonium majus, and Macleaya cordata. It is a ...

Team screens cardiac drugs that also attack cancer

Several drugs now being used to treat heart failure and atrial arrhythmia also show promise as DNA disruptors in cancer cells and could be readily repurposed as anticancer agents, according to a new study by Yale researchers.

A new family of aniontransporters to fight against cancer

The journal Accounts of Chemical Research has published the article "Anion Transporters and Biological Systems", by Professor Ricardo Pérez Tomás, from the Department of Pathology and Experimental Therapy of the Faculty ...

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