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Ant colonies behave like neural networks when making decisions

Temperatures are rising, and one colony of ants will soon have to make a collective decision. Each ant feels the rising heat beneath its feet but carries along as usual until, suddenly, the ants reverse course. The whole ...

When ant colonies get bigger, new foraging behavior emerges

Millions of army ants occasionally stream out of their nest in a coordinated hunting swarm, seeking prey to devour. How this extraordinary mass raiding behavior evolved has long been a mystery, until now.

The complex organization of an ant colony

The colonies of social insects are complex systems that are entirely self-organized. Scientists who looked at the demographic, genetic and morphological structure of ant colonies were able to show how this self-organization ...

How army ants' iconic mass raids evolved

Army ants form some of the largest insect societies on the planet. They are quite famous in popular culture, most notably from a terrifying scene in Indiana Jones. But they are also ecologically important. They live in very ...

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