BESIII reports new measurement of R ratio

The BESIII Collaboration has measured the R ratio in the low center-of-mass (c.m.) energy region. The results were published online in Physics Review Letters.

Searching for hints of new physics in the subatomic world

Peer deeper into the heart of the atom than any microscope allows and scientists hypothesize that you will find a rich world of particles popping in and out of the vacuum, decaying into other particles, and adding to the ...

Muon g-2 begins second run

Earlier this month, the Muon g-2 ("g minus two") experiment at Fermilab began its second run to search for hidden particles and forces.

Electron magnetic moment calculated precisely

(—An electron, as well as other subatomic particles with an electric charge, is actually a little magnet—it spins like a top, giving it its own magnetic moment.