Great Barrier Reef annual mass coral spawning begins

A mass coral spawning has begun on Australia's Great Barrier Reef, with early indications the annual event could be among the biggest in recent years, local marine biologists said Sunday.

Climate change poses 'lifelong' child health risk

Climate change will damage the health of an entire generation unless there are immediate cuts to fossil fuel emissions, from a rise in deadly infectious diseases to surging malnutrition, experts warned Thursday.

New online tool shows climate change in your backyard

Climate change hits home. It's where you live. A warming world affects the Northeast region, and to demonstrate, the Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions (CICSS) has developed a new online tool: Climate Change in ...

Two significant warming intervals in southern China since 1850

Regular meteorological observations in most of China only started in the 1950s, so it is therefore necessary to reconstruct regional temperature series from high-resolution temperature proxies to compensate for the deficiency.

Researcher observes temperature variability across the world

If more of the world's climate becomes like that in tropical zones, it could potentially affect crops, insect fitness and malaria transmission, and even confuse migration patterns of birds and mammals worldwide.

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