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Scientists create vaccine against heroin high

Researchers at The Scripps Research Institute have developed a highly successful vaccine against a heroin high and have proven its therapeutic potential in animal models.

Easy, tiger: study maps big cats' personalities

Ask any pet owner if their beloved companion has a personality and you'll most often get an emphatic "yes". But now tiger researchers can nod along too—a study published Wednesday reveals that the world's largest felines ...

Ig Nobel: Researchers named the cream of the crop

( -- Newcastle scientists Dr Catherine Douglas and Dr Peter Rowlinson have won the Ig Nobel Prize for Veterinary Medicine for their work looking at reducing stress levels in dairy cattle. In a paper published ...

A cat's game of hide and seek

Hiding may play an important role in relaxing cats according to University of Queensland honours student Mark Owens.

Science has not kept pace with aquaculture

Aquaculture—the farming of fish, shellfish, and other aquatic animals for food—has reached unprecedented levels of growth in recent years, but largely without consideration of its impact on individual animals, finds a ...

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