Researchers extend quantum amplification to Floquet systems

Detection of weak signals is a crucial step in the verification of physics hypotheses and making breakthroughs in cutting-edge and fundamental physics research. However, if the signals are too weak to measure, they need enhancement. ...

Light amplification accelerates chemical reactions in aerosols

Aerosols in the atmosphere react to incident sunlight. This light is amplified in the interior of the aerosol droplets and particles, accelerating reactions. ETH researchers have now been able to demonstrate and quantify ...

Environmental DNA analysis to manage fecal contamination

"Who's peeing in the water?" Unlikely as it may seem, there is a great deal of science behind this question. Determining the source of fecal contamination—an important public health issue—requires years of research. Doctoral ...

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Amplification may refer to:

Amplified may refer to:

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