Satellites provide crucial insights into Arctic amplification

The Arctic, once again at the forefront of climate change, is experiencing disproportionately higher temperature increases compared to the rest of the planet, triggering a series of cascading effects known as Arctic amplification.

Photonics chip allows light amplification

The ability to achieve quantum-limited amplification of optical signals contained in optical fibers is arguably among the most important technological advances that are underlying our modern information society. In optical ...

What could we do to cool the Arctic, specifically?

The Arctic is warming four times faster than the rest of the world, and in some areas as much as seven times. That's according to new research by a group of Norwegian scientists. This effect, dubbed "Arctic amplification," ...

Researchers extend quantum amplification to Floquet systems

Detection of weak signals is a crucial step in the verification of physics hypotheses and making breakthroughs in cutting-edge and fundamental physics research. However, if the signals are too weak to measure, they need enhancement. ...

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