Economic survey reveals obstacles to small business growth

Banks' continued reluctance to lend to small businesses, coupled with the bite of public spending cuts, are the two greatest obstacles to growth of small and medium sized enterprises, according to a two-year study of business ...

Samsung pulls out all stops with Galaxy S4 smartphone

Having grabbed the smartphone lead from Apple, Samsung now seems determined to overwhelm its archrival by announcing a new version of its Galaxy S4 smartphone that's bigger and better and includes a large laundry list of ...

Microsoft has patent ambitions for immersive gaming

(—Microsoft knows how to play games. They have proven themselves worthy of growing a customer base of gaming enthusiasts with their Xbox and Kinect. Now Microsoft watchers are talking about the company's recent ...

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Ambition is the desire for personal achievement. It provides the motivation and determination necessary to achieve a particular end or condition. Ambitious people are characterised by their strong desire for attainment, power, or superiority. Ambition can also be defined as the object/subject of this endeavour.

Throughout history, examples can be found of people who were extremely ambitious, for better and for worse. The notorious Greek Herostratus had the ambition to become famous by destroying the Temple of Artemis.

The Irish poet Oscar Wilde said that "Ambition is the last refuge of failure."

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