SpaceX poised for high-stakes space station launch

SpaceX on Saturday aims to become the first private company to send its own cargo ship to the International Space Station, a feat that only a handful of world governments have pulled off.

Gov't bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones from airliners

Passengers and flight crews will be banned from bringing Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on airline flights under an emergency order issued Friday by the Department of Transportation in response to reports of the phones ...

Amazon steps up air game with new cargo deal

Online retail colossus Amazon on Thursday boosted its fledgling air cargo service as it moves to gain more independence from freight firms for delivery of online purchases.

Using nanostructured filters to reduce shipping pollution

Cargo ships are among the leading sources of pollution on the planet. Starting in 2020, however, stricter sulfur emission standards will take effect. A low-cost solution for reaching the new targets may come from an EPFL ...

Amazon to launch air cargo service in US

Online retail titan Amazon is starting up its own air cargo service, laying down a challenge to companies like Fedex and UPS, which deliver much of its goods.

SpaceX to attempt rocket, cargo launch Saturday

SpaceX will try again Saturday to launch its Falcon 9 rocket, propelling the Dragon cargo ship toward the International Space Station and then attempting its first landing on an ocean platform.

SpaceX's next cargo launch set for Sept 20

SpaceX's next unmanned cargo trip to restock supplies at the International Space Station is scheduled for September 20, the US space agency said Friday.

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