As Earth warms, safe times for outdoor work will shrink

As heat and humidity levels rise throughout the day because of climate change, options for moving outdoor labor to cooler hours will dramatically shrink, leading to significant worldwide labor losses, a new study led by Duke ...

Researchers zero in on methane released from reservoirs

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that accounts for about a fifth of today's global warming. In addition to methane emitted from livestock and other agricultural practices, the gas is also spewed from the production, transport, ...

Study finds dangerous mercury levels in Amazon fish

Nearly one-third of the fish in the Brazilian Amazon state of Amapa have such high levels of mercury caused by illegal mining that they are dangerous for human consumption, according to a new study.

How would a nuclear winter impact food production?

The day after lead author Daniel Winstead approved the final proofs for a study to be published in Ambio, the journal of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Russia put its nuclear forces on high alert.

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