Cells hold the secrets of aging

Most of us think about getting older from time to time, noticing how the years slip by and counting the gray hairs. Some of us even try and fight back, rubbing anti-aging creams into our cheeks and turning to ideas like fasting.

Mutations across animal kingdom shed new light on aging

The first study to compare the accumulation of mutations across many animal species has shed new light on decades-old questions about the role of these genetic changes in aging and cancer. Researchers from the Wellcome Sanger ...

Cell biology: How mitochondria report stress

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich researchers have discovered the mechanism by which the protein DELE1 detects organelle stress. This offers a possible new approach for treating neurodegenerative diseases.

The secret to longevity? Ask a yellow-bellied marmot

That's what a team of UCLA biologists and colleagues studying yellow-bellied marmots discovered. These large ground squirrels are able to virtually halt the aging process during the seven to eight months they spend hibernating ...

Glass as stable as crystal: Homogeneity leads to stability

Scientists from The University of Tokyo Institute of Industrial Science used computer simulations to study the aging mechanism that can cause an amorphous glassy material to turn into a crystal. They find that removing tiny ...

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