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Music-making and the flow of aerosols

The latest research from the labs of Penn scientists Paulo Arratia and Douglas Jerolmack was an answer to "a call for help," says Arratia.

Light amplification accelerates chemical reactions in aerosols

Aerosols in the atmosphere react to incident sunlight. This light is amplified in the interior of the aerosol droplets and particles, accelerating reactions. ETH researchers have now been able to demonstrate and quantify ...

Classifying weather to tease out how aerosols influence storms

A new study used artificial intelligence to analyze 10 years of weather data collected over southeastern Texas to identify three major categories of weather patterns and the continuum of conditions between them. The study, ...

How do marine gases affect cloud formation?

Studying the global climate—and how it's changing—involves examining thousands of small processes, chemical mechanisms, local weather phenomena, and more. One of the many factors scientists consider when studying the ...

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