Could the blueprint for life have been generated in asteroids?

Using new analyses, scientists have just found the last two of the five informational units of DNA and RNA that had yet to be discovered in samples from meteorites. While it is unlikely that DNA could be formed in a meteorite, ...

Peatlands clean up acid mine drainage

The pollution of groundwater and surface waters with sulfate and iron from acid mine drainage is a worldwide problem in post-mining landscapes. Researchers from the Humboldt University of Berlin (HU-Berlin) and the Leibniz ...

Excess deuterium levels found in bones of marine mammals

Using a novel analytical technique developed at KI, the team of scientists led by Roman Zubarev found in seal bones twice as much deuterium as in sea water; extra deuterium cannot come from seals' diet.

A superstar enzyme is ready for its close-up

A Yale-led team of chemists has unveiled the blueprints for a key enzyme that may contain design principles for a new generation of synthetic solar fuel catalysts.

Are there DBPs in that cup of tea?

Surpassed only by water, tea is the second most consumed beverage worldwide. When boiled tap water is used to brew tea, residual chlorine in the water can react with tea compounds to form disinfection byproducts (DBPs). Now, ...

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