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Space Exploration Apr 02, 2019

After the Moon in 2024, NASA wants to reach Mars by 2033

NASA has made it clear they want astronauts back on the Moon in 2024, and now, they are zeroing in on the Red Planet—the US space agency confirmed that it wants humans to reach Mars by 2033.

Space Exploration Apr 24, 2019

China to build moon station in 'about 10 years'

Beijing plans to send a manned mission to the moon and to build a research station there within the next decade, state media reported Wednesday, citing a top space official.

Space Exploration Apr 25, 2019

Moon rocks to be studied at University of Tennessee

A professor at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville will help analyze moon rocks collected decades ago and never before opened.

Astronomy Feb 25, 2019

How scientists are piecing together the history of the moon

In the solar system's early days, a first Earth is thought to have been pulverised by a planet that scientists call Theia. We don't know what it was made of or where it came from, only that it may have been the size of Mars. ...

Space Exploration Apr 01, 2019

Researcher calculates temperature inside moon to help reveal its inner structure

Little is known about the inner structure of the Moon, but a major step forward was made by a University of Rhode Island scientist who conducted experiments that enabled her to determine the temperature at the boundary of ...

Space Exploration Mar 05, 2019

Mining the moon

If you were transported to the Moon this very instant, you would surely and rapidly die. That's because there's no atmosphere, the surface temperature varies from a roasting 130 degrees Celsius (266 F) to a bone-chilling ...

Space Exploration Apr 15, 2019

Meteoroid strikes eject precious water from moon

Researchers from NASA and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland, report that streams of meteoroids striking the Moon infuse the thin lunar atmosphere with a short-lived water vapor.

Space Exploration Apr 11, 2019

Israeli spacecraft crashes during moon landing: mission control (Update)

Israel's attempt at a moon landing failed at the last minute on Thursday when the craft suffered an engine failure as it prepared to land and apparently crashed onto the lunar surface.

Space Exploration Mar 26, 2019

Pence calls for landing US astronauts on moon in 5 years (Update)

Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday called for landing astronauts on the moon within five years, an accelerated pace that would aim to put Americans on the lunar south pole.

Space Exploration Mar 26, 2019

Apollo 11 brought a message of peace to the Moon—but Neil and Buzz almost forgot to leave it behind

"How about that package out of your sleeve? Get that?" is certainly not the most famous phrase uttered by a human while on the Moon. And the items nestled in a small packet that astronaut Buzz Aldrin had stowed in the pocket ...

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