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Earth Sciences May 14, 2019

Space Station science looking at Earth

In this edition of our bi-weekly update on European research run on the International Space Station, we're taking our cue from the Living Planet Symposium – the largest conference on Earth Observation taking place this ...

Astronomy May 02, 2019

Astronomer helps create 'history book' image of the universe

Astronomers have assembled a mosaic of nearly 7,500 images of one part of the sky, creating the largest and most comprehensive history book of the universe.

Environment May 17, 2019

How Japan's renewables-powered Olympics could kick off a global race for clean energy

Japan is aiming to host the first Olympic Games powered solely by renewable sources. If successful, this could help the country carve a new niche in the global order as a champion of climate action and environmental protection ...

Environment May 17, 2019

North Korea seeing worst drought in a century: state media

North Korea is experiencing its worst drought in over a century, official media reported Friday, days after the World Food Programme expressed "very serious concerns" about the situation in the country.

Astronomy May 16, 2019

Imaging black hole like listening to broken piano, says scientist

US computer scientist Katie Bouman, who became a global sensation over her role in generating the world's first image of a black hole, has described the painstaking process as akin to listening to a piano with broken keys.

Space Exploration May 16, 2019

SpaceX has packed 60 satellites onto one rocket to advance its big internet plan

SpaceX's plan to provide broadband access will take a big step forward Thursday night as the Elon Musk-led firm prepares to launch five dozen small satellites on a single rocket. They will eventually become part of a network ...

Space Exploration May 16, 2019

NASA's MRO completes 60,000 trips around Mars

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter hit a dizzying milestone this morning: It completed 60,000 loops around the Red Planet at 10:39 a.m. PDT (1:39 p.m. EDT). On average, MRO takes 112 minutes to circle Mars, whipping around ...

Computer Sciences May 16, 2019

'How tall is the tower in Paris?' How vector search knows you're asking about the Eiffel Tower

Only a few years ago, web search was simple. Users typed a few words and waded through pages of results.

Space Exploration May 15, 2019

Analyze this: Space station facility enables rapid biomedical analysis

In its role as a unique orbiting laboratory, the International Space Station provides a broad range of equipment for conducting health and life sciences research. However, the equipment available for cellular and molecular ...

Space Exploration May 14, 2019

LightSail 2 set to launch next month aboard SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket

The Planetary Society's LightSail 2 spacecraft is ready to embark on a challenging mission to demonstrate the power of sunlight for propulsion.

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