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Ecology 2 hours ago

Experiment suggests the best ways to tackle invasive Oregon grape in Belgian coastal dunes

The Belgian coastal dunes, a protected habitat of high conservation value, are getting severely impacted by one of its worst enemies amongst invasive species: the Oregon grape. To help mitigate the detrimental effect of this ...

Earth Sciences 2 hours ago

NASA's Operation IceBridge completes 11 years of polar surveys

For eleven years from 2009 through 2019, the planes of NASA's Operation IceBridge flew above the Arctic, Antarctic and Alaska, gathering data on the height, depth, thickness, flow and change of sea ice, glaciers and ice sheets.Designed ...

Economics & Business 16 hours ago

Boosting the impact of consumer research in the world

Researchers from the University of Southern California, Columbia, London Business School, George Washington University, University of Colorado-Boulder, and University of California Irvine published a provocative new paper ...

Evolution 16 hours ago

Deciphering the equations of life: A new theory describes what all animals have in common

Research led by the University of Arizona has resulted in a set of equations that describes and predicts commonalities across life despite its enormous diversity.

Molecular & Computational biology 17 hours ago

Eavesdropping on the human microbiome uncovers 'potent' new antibiotics

The microbes populating the human body play an important role in health and disease, but with few exceptions, how individual microbial species affect health and disease states remains poorly understood. A new study by Princeton ...

Plants & Animals 17 hours ago

Uncovering how endangered pangolins, or 'scaly anteaters,' digest food

The endangered Sunda pangolin, or "scaly anteater," is a widely trafficked mammal, prized in some cultures for its meat and scales. Little is known about these animals, and raising rescued pangolins is tricky. In the wild, ...

Archaeology & Fossils 18 hours ago

Researchers analyze artifacts to better understand ancient dietary practices

New research from anthropologists at McMaster University and California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB), is shedding light on ancient dietary practices, the evolution of agricultural societies and ultimately, how ...

Ecology 18 hours ago

Scientists link decline of baltic cod to hypoxia—and climate change

If you want to know how climate change and hypoxia—the related loss of oxygen in the world's oceans—affect fish species such as the economically important Baltic cod, all you have to do is ask the fish.

Environment 18 hours ago

Unique data confirms why water turns brown

By analysing almost daily water samples taken from the same river from 1940 until today, researchers at Lund University in Sweden have confirmed their hypothesis that the browning of lakes is primarily due to the increase ...

Plants & Animals 18 hours ago

MASS: An integrative software program for streamlined morphometric analyses of leaves

Analysis of leaf shape and size is a cornerstone of botany, and is crucial in answering a variety of ecological, evolutionary, genetic, and agricultural questions. However, the software packages used to conduct these morphometric ...

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