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Best of Last Year: The top articles of 2023

It was a good year for research across multiple fields as a team at the University of Ottawa, working with colleagues Danilo Zia and Fabio Sciarrino, from the Sapienza University of Rome, demonstrated a novel technique to ...

Optics & Photonics Dec 9, 2023

A new (micro) lens on optics: Researchers develop hybrid achromats with high focusing efficiencies

Using 3D printing and porous silicon, researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign have developed compact, visible wavelength achromats that are essential for miniaturized and lightweight optics. These high-performance ...

Economics & Business Dec 9, 2023

Government and nonprofit workers are getting billions in student loan debt canceled through a public service program

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, which the George W. Bush administration created in 2007 to encourage people to work for the government and nonprofits, has grown significantly during Joe Biden's presidency. The ...

Earth Sciences Dec 9, 2023

When is an aurora not an aurora? Phenomena called 'Steve' and 'picket fence' are masquerading as auroras

The shimmering green, red and purple curtains of the northern and southern lights—the auroras—may be the best-known phenomena lighting up the nighttime sky, but the most mysterious are the mauve and white streaks called ...

Biochemistry Dec 8, 2023

Reassessing what we can expect from peptides in disease detection

Based on blood tests, it is possible to detect rare genetic diseases, recognize cancer, or determine the inflammation level in the body. Moreover, due to the rapid development of medical diagnostics based on biofluid analysis, ...

Superconductivity Dec 8, 2023

A superconducting junction made from a single 2D material promises to harness strange new physics

Physicists at RIKEN have developed an electronic device that hosts unusual states of matter, which could one day be useful for quantum computation.

Biochemistry Dec 8, 2023

Catalyst makes drugs inside the body to minimize side effects

A highly active catalyst capable of synthesizing drug molecules within the body has been developed by RIKEN chemists. In mice, an anticancer drug assembled near tumors using the injected catalyst suppressed tumor growth.

Evolution Dec 8, 2023

Genetic mutations that promote reproduction tend to shorten human lifespan, study shows

A University of Michigan-led study based on a review of genetic and health information from more than 276,000 people finds strong support for a decades-old evolutionary theory that sought to explain aging and senescence.

Earth Sciences Dec 8, 2023

Evidence that ancient Tethys Ocean influenced Earth's past environments

A recent study, published in Science China Earth Sciences and led by geologist Bo Wan from the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Institute of Geology and Geophysics, connects the Tethyan plate tectonic movements to changes in ...

Ecology Dec 8, 2023

Are wetlands really a flood risk? Experts debunk most common myths around these precious ecosystems

Back in 2020, a grim picture of nature in the European Union emerged.

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