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Earth Sciences 23 hours ago

New geologic modeling method explains collapse of ancient mountains in American West

By using the latest computer numerical modeling technologies, combined with geologic compilations and seismic data, researchers in the Department of Geosciences at Stony Brook University have developed a complete geodynamic ...

Biochemistry 1 hour ago

Decoding the fundamental mechanisms of human salivary lubrication

An interdisciplinary team of scientists led by the University of Leeds have uncovered the fundamental mechanism by which human saliva lubricates our mouth. Their multi-scale study opens the door to advancing dry mouth therapies ...

Biotechnology 20 hours ago

3-D maps of gene activity

A three-dimensional computer model enables scientists to quickly determine which genes are active in which cells, and their precise location within an organ. A team led by Nikolaus Rajewsky, Berlin, and Nir Friedman, Jerusalem, ...

Materials Science 1 hour ago

Protective membrane for pacemakers prevents buildup of fibrotic tissue

A protective membrane for cardiac pacemakers developed at ETH Zurich has proved successful in animal trials in reducing the undesirable build-up of fibrotic tissue around the implant. The next step is to test the protective ...

Plants & Animals 1 hour ago

For Chesapeake oysters, the way forward leads back—through the fossil record

Oysters once dominated the ecosystem of the Chesapeake Bay, and it would be difficult, if not impossible, for the Bay to return to full ecological health without restoring Crassotrea virginica to its glory days of the Chesapeake's ...

Plants & Animals 23 hours ago

A ligand-independent origin of abscisic acid perception

Necessity is the mother of all invention, the saying goes, and that includes the process of evolution.

Astronomy 19 hours ago

Hubble studies gamma-ray burst with the highest energy ever seen

New observations from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope have investigated the nature of the gamma-ray burst GRB 190114C.

Astronomy 20 hours ago

First detection of the cosmic monster explosions with ground-based gamma-ray telescopes

The strongest explosions in the universe produce even more energetic radiation than previously known: Using specialized telescopes, two international teams have registered the highest energy gamma rays ever measured from ...

Nanomaterials 20 hours ago

Turning up the heat to create new nanostructured metals

Scientists have developed a new approach for making metal-metal composites and porous metals with a 3-D interconnected "bicontinuous" structure in thin films at size scales ranging from tens of nanometers to microns. Metallic ...

Economics & Business 1 hour ago

Study offers first large-sample evidence of the effect of ethics training on financial sector behavior

Can ethics be taught? New research suggests yes, offering the first large-sample study on how rules and ethics training affects behavior and employment decisions in the financial sector.

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