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Astronomy Aug 28, 2017

Astronomers discover two 'warm Jupiter' exoplanets orbiting distant stars

Astronomers have detected two new so-called "warm Jupiter" exoplanets orbiting stars located more than 1,300 light years away from the Earth. The newly found alien worlds are similar in size to Jupiter but much hotter than ...

Space Exploration Jul 05, 2016

What we know about Jupiter

Look towards the north-west after sunset (south-west in the northern hemisphere) and there is currently one bright point of light that easily stands out relative to everything around it. That is the planet Jupiter, shining ...

Astronomy Aug 17, 2015

'Young Jupiter' exoplanet discovery: Q&A with astronomer Eric Nielsen

(—The discovery of 51 Eridani b, a Jupiter-like exoplanet, made headlines last week as it is the lowest-mass planet ever directly imaged around another star. Significantly, the planet resembles Jupiter in its infancy ...

Astronomy Jul 15, 2015

Jupiter twin discovered around solar twin

Astronomers have used the ESO 3.6-metre telescope to identify a planet just like Jupiter orbiting at the same distance from a Sun-like star, HIP 11915. According to current theories, the formation of Jupiter-mass planets ...

Space Exploration Feb 18, 2009

NASA and ESA prioritize outer planet missions

At a meeting in Washington last week, NASA and ESA officials decided to first pursue a mission to study Jupiter and its four largest moons, and plan for another mission to visit Saturn's largest moon, Titan, and Enceladus.

Astronomy Jan 05, 2009

Baby Jupiters must gain weight fast

The planet Jupiter gained weight in a hurry during its infancy. It had to, since the material from which it formed probably disappeared in just a few million years, according to a new study of planet formation around young ...

Space Exploration Jun 15, 2015

Close approach of Venus and Jupiter visible in evening sky

Armagh Observatory reports that the next two weeks will provide an interesting opportunity to observe the brightest planet, Venus, and the largest planet, Jupiter, as they move towards one another in the evening twilight.

Astronomy Feb 13, 2014

What are hot Jupiters?

When astronomers first discovered other planets, they were completely unlike anything we've ever found in the Solar System. These first planets were known as "hot Jupiters", because they're giant planets – even more massive ...

Astronomy Aug 22, 2011

Hubble to target 'hot jupiters'

( -- An international team of astronomers led by a former UA graduate student has set out on the largest program to date exploring the alien atmospheres of "Hot Jupiters" - massive planets in solar systems far ...

Astronomy Aug 09, 2018

Astrophysicists discover that ultrahot planets have starlike atmospheres

Recent observations by NASA's Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes of ultrahot Jupiter-like planets have perplexed theorists. The spectra of these planets have suggested they have exotic—and improbable—compositions.

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