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Space Exploration Jul 03, 2016

NASA spaceship barrels toward Jupiter, 'planet on steroids'

Juno, an unmanned NASA spacecraft, is barrelling toward Jupiter on a $1.1 billion mission to circle the biggest planet in the solar system and shed new light on the origin of our planetary neighborhood.

Astronomy Oct 10, 2014

Simulation suggests warm Jupiter exoplanets can be pushed closer to their star by another planet

( —A pair of astronomers with the University of California has demonstrated via computer simulation that the reason some hot or warm Jupiter exoplanets orbit their star so closely is because they are pulled there ...

Astronomy Jan 05, 2009

Jupiter-like planets could form around twin suns

( -- Life on a planet ruled by two suns might be a little complicated. Two sunrises, two sunsets. Twice the radiation field.

Space Exploration May 10, 2018

'New views of Jupiter' showcases swirling clouds on giant planet

Members of NASA's Juno mission team, some of the world's leading observers of Jupiter, and citizen scientists from across the globe will attend a workshop 'New Views of Jupiter: Pro-Am Collaborations during and beyond the ...

Astronomy Aug 10, 2017

Jupiter-mass planet orbiting giant star discovered

(—An international team of astronomers has discovered a Jupiter-mass alien world circling a giant star known as HD 208897. The newly detected exoplanet was found as a result of high-precision radial velocity measurements. ...

Astronomy Jul 25, 2017

New survey suggests far fewer Jupiter sized rogue planets than thought

(—A team of researchers with Warsaw University Observatory, Ohio State University and the University of Warwick has found evidence that suggests there are far fewer Jupiter-sized rogue planets roaming the Milky ...

Astronomy Oct 28, 2016

How planets like Jupiter form

Young giant planets are born from gas and dust. Researchers of ETH Zürich and the Universities of Zürich and Bern simulated different scenarios relying on the computing power of the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre ...

Astronomy Sep 08, 2016

Jupiter-like planet discovered in a distant star system

(—A team of astronomers led by Alexis Smith of the German Aerospace Center's (DLR) Institute of Planetary Research in Berlin reports the detection of a Jupiter-like planet orbiting a distant subgiant star known ...

Space Exploration Jul 27, 2016

Jupiter's great red spot heats planet's upper atmosphere

Researchers from Boston University's (BU) Center for Space Physics report today in Nature that Jupiter's Great Red Spot may provide the mysterious source of energy required to heat the planet's upper atmosphere to the unusually ...

Astronomy Apr 21, 2009

London students find Jupiter-sized oddball planet

( -- A team of astronomers from University College London (UCL), including undergraduate students, have discovered that an exotic world passes directly in front of the Sun-like star it orbits, revealing for the ...

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