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Engineering Dec 29, 2016

Image-based modeling of body tissues

A team of researchers from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), in collaboration with their colleagues from the University of Oklahoma, have demonstrated a novel, image-based simulation approach that could lead ...

Cell & Microbiology May 06, 2019

Engineering artificial cell membranes to drive in situ fibrin hydrogel formation

Re-engineering the cell membrane for improved biofunction is an emerging, powerful tool in cell biology to develop next-generation cell therapies. The process can allow users to supplement cells with added therapeutic functionalities. ...

Biotechnology Nov 05, 2014

New e-Incubator enables real-time imaging of bioengineered tissues in controlled unit

The e-incubator, an innovative miniature incubator that is compatible with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), enables scientists to grow tissue-engineered constructs under controlled conditions and to study their growth and ...

Cell & Microbiology Jan 18, 2021

Lasers and molecular tethers create perfectly patterned platforms for tissue engineering

Imagine going to a surgeon to have a diseased or injured organ switched out for a fully functional, laboratory-grown replacement. This remains science fiction and not reality because researchers today struggle to organize ...

Bio & Medicine Jun 13, 2008

Nanoparticles aid bone growth

In the first study of its kind, bioengineers and bioscientists at Rice University and Radboud University in Nijmegen, Netherlands, have shown they can grow denser bone tissue by sprinkling stick-like nanoparticles throughout ...

Bio & Medicine Mar 18, 2015

Biomedical engineer developing nanomaterial for healing broken bones

A new material that triggers stem cells to begin forming bone could enable a more effective treatment for hard-to-heal bone breaks and defects, says a Texas A&M University biomedical engineer who is part of the team developing ...

Bio & Medicine Sep 16, 2014

Nano engineering advances bone-forming material

Murdoch University nanotechnology researchers have successfully engineered synthetic materials which encouraged bone formation in sheep.

Materials Science Apr 29, 2019

Engineering ECM-like fibers with bioactive silk for 3-D cell culture

Biological tissues are built when cells anchor to specific sites on a 3-D microfiber network in an extracellular matrix (ECM). Scientists are keen to recreate biological tissues in the lab using bioinspired tissue engineering ...

Materials Science Mar 28, 2019

3-D printed tissues may keep athletes in action

Bioscientists are moving closer to 3-D-printed artificial tissues to help heal bone and cartilage typically damaged in sports-related injuries to knees, ankles and elbows.

Biochemistry Nov 12, 2019

Mechanisms of soft tissue and protein preservation in Tyrannosaurus rex

The existing notion that soft tissue architectures and native proteins can be preserved across geological time is controversial since methods of such preservation remain to be investigated and well-defined. In a new study, ...

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