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Analytical Chemistry Apr 28, 2023

Crystal phase-dependent activity of mnGaOx observed in direct syngas to light olefins

Two notable metal oxide structures, spinel-type oxide and solid solution-type oxide, are widely used in Oxide-Zeolite (OXZEO) bifunctional catalysts for CO/CO2 hydrogenation reactions.

Bio & Medicine Apr 25, 2023

Treating polluted water with nanofiber membranes

When oil contaminates water, it creates a film that reduces oxygen levels and introduces toxic substances. This can lead to the death of aquatic plants and animals, contaminate soil, and ultimately threaten human health.

Nanomaterials Apr 24, 2023

Researchers discover new self-assembled crystal structures

Using a targeted computational approach, researchers in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Cornell University have found more than 20 new self-assembled crystal structures, none of which had been observed ...

Materials Science Mar 27, 2023

A puff of air could deliver your next vaccine

Nobody likes needles, but they're necessary for delivering many vaccines and biologics into the body. But what if those could be puffed through the skin instead, with just a little pressure, like being hit in the arm with ...

Nanomaterials Mar 9, 2023

Tunable hybrid zeolites prepared by partial interconversion to create superior catalysts

The Laboratory of Molecular Nanotechnology (NANOMOL) of the University of Alicante (UA) has developed a new family of materials as a state-of-the-art opportunity for the chemical industry, renewables, and the reduction of ...

Analytical Chemistry Feb 24, 2023

Technique captures and separates benzene air pollution

Led by scientists at the University of Manchester, a series of new stable, porous materials that capture and separate benzene have been developed. Benzene is a volatile organic compound (VOC) and is an important feedstock ...

Analytical Chemistry Feb 21, 2023

New strategy boosts performance of hydroisomerization

The n-paraffin hydroisomerization catalyzed by bifunctional catalysts is one of the most important reactions in the chemical industry.

Analytical Chemistry Feb 20, 2023

Synergistic interplay mechanism of dual active sites on bimetallic oxide for syngas conversion

Catalytic syngas conversion is the key route to bridge the gap between various carbon resources and essential chemicals. Oxide-zeolite (OXZEO) bifunctional catalysis is a new platform for this conversion.

Analytical Chemistry Feb 17, 2023

Accelerating molecular diffusion by constructing hierarchical Murray zeolites for maximized catalytic activity

Introducing interconnected mesopores and macropores into microporous zeolites with the rationalized pore size at each level is an effective strategy to suppress the diffusion limitations, but remains highly challenging due ...

Analytical Chemistry Feb 13, 2023

Researchers reveal mechanism regulating rhodium migration and size redistribution in rhodium catalysts

The migration of Rh atoms under a gas/reactive environment is important for the dynamic restructuring and size redistribution of Rh catalysts in a variety of structure-sensitive catalytic reactions.

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