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Bio & Medicine Feb 21, 2023

These sports sensors could curb 'bad calls' and help players during practices

If you watched the most recent Super Bowl, you know the importance of a referee's call on the outcome of a game. Slow-motion replays and close-watching eyes help, but a new sensor technology could someday serve as an even ...

Materials Science Feb 8, 2023

New crystal growth orientation method manipulates properties of materials

A new method to grow single crystals and simultaneously control their growth orientation without melt processing has been discovered by Texas A&M University materials science and engineering doctoral graduate Dr. Hande Ozcan ...

Condensed Matter Feb 1, 2023

Scientists report on a quasiparticle that can transfer heat under electrical control

Scientists have found the secret behind a property of solid materials known as ferroelectrics, showing that quasiparticles moving in wave-like patterns among vibrating atoms carry enough heat to turn the material into a thermal ...

Condensed Matter Jan 30, 2023

Topological acoustic waveguide to help reduce unwanted energy consumption in electronics

A team of researchers has developed a new acoustic waveguide based on the mathematical concept of topology, which will lead to reduced energy consumption in many everyday electronic devices.

Polymers Jan 27, 2023

A smart elastomer that can self-tune its stiffness and conductivity

Smart materials are materials that have the ability to change their properties in response to specific external stimuli, such as temperature, humidity, light, or applied stress. One of the most well-known examples of smart ...

Analytical Chemistry Jan 23, 2023

Farewell to 'forever': Destroying PFAS by grinding it up with a new additive

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are potentially harmful substances known as "forever chemicals" because they are so difficult to destroy. One emerging technique to degrade PFAS involves forcefully grinding them ...

Soft Matter Jan 19, 2023

New 'whipping jet' sprayer controls how aerosols move

Aerosols are tiny particles that can have a significant impact on Earth's climate and human health.

Nanomaterials Jan 17, 2023

Flexible, wearable electronics woven into gear can reduce firefighters' rate of injury and mortality

Firefighting may look vastly different in the future thanks to intelligent fire suits and masks developed by multiple research institutions in China.

Nanophysics Nov 28, 2022

A crystal shape conundrum is finally solved

A crystal's shape is determined by its inherent chemistry, a characteristic that ultimately determines its final form from the most basic of details. But sometimes the lack of symmetry in a crystal makes the surface energies ...

Nanophysics Nov 9, 2022

Magnetism or no magnetism? The influence of substrates on electronic interactions

A new study at Monash University illustrates how substrates affect strong electronic interactions in two-dimensional metal-organic frameworks.

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