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Economics & Business Jan 06, 2022

Building better mental health in the construction industry

Mental health is no longer a topic referred to in hushed tones. Awareness has been growing for a number of years, but 2020 pushed the conversation into the limelight.

Quantum Physics Jan 05, 2022

Physicists watch as ultracold atoms form a crystal of quantum tornadoes

The world we experience is governed by classical physics. How we move, where we are, and how fast we're going are all determined by the classical assumption that we can only exist in one place at any one moment in time.

Quantum Physics Jan 05, 2022

Matter and antimatter seem to respond equally to gravity

As part of an experiment to measure—to an extremely precise degree—the charge-to-mass ratios of protons and antiprotons, the RIKEN-led BASE collaboration at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, has found that, within the uncertainty ...

Optics & Photonics Jan 05, 2022

Instruments used for official US scales for light measurements receive major upgrades

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently completed major upgrades to two key instruments serving critical national needs: measuring the properties of light as it is reflected from a surface or transmitted ...

Astronomy Jan 04, 2022

Resolving the black hole 'fuzzball or wormhole' debate

Black holes really are giant fuzzballs, a new study says.

General Physics Jan 04, 2022

Experimental quantum teleportation of propagating microwaves

The field of experimental quantum communication promises ways of efficient and unconditional secure information exchange in quantum states. The possibility of transferring quantum information forms a cornerstone of the emerging ...

General Physics Jan 03, 2022

No, putting a spoon in an open bottle of champagne doesn't keep it bubbly, but there is a better way

At a recent tasting, I was presenting some sparkling wines from the Limoux region of France, a region that produced sparkling wines at least 100 years before wines from the Champagne region were well known.

Plants & Animals Dec 22, 2021

Dogs notice when computer animations violate laws of physics

A pair of researchers at the Medical University of Vienna and University of Vienna has found that dogs notice when objects in the world do not conform to the laws of physics. In their paper published in the journal Biology ...

Social Sciences Dec 21, 2021

New study finds racial and ethnic disparities in lending industry advertising

A new study authored by University of Houston Law Center Professor Jim Hawkins and student Tiffany Penner and published in the Emory Law Journal indicates that the payday lending industry often targets Black and Latino communities ...

Social Sciences Dec 21, 2021

Family rifts affect millions of Americans: Possible paths from estrangement toward reconciliation

Family relationships are on many people's minds during the holiday season as sounds and images of happy family celebrations dominate the media. Anyone whose experiences don't live up to the holiday hype may find this difficult ...

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