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Environment Oct 29, 2020

Sensors driven by machine learning sniff-out gas leaks fast

A new study confirms the success of a natural-gas leak-detection tool pioneered by Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists that uses sensors and machine learning to locate leak points at oil and gas fields, promising new ...

Materials Science Nov 03, 2020

Artificial Intelligence has learned to estimate oil viscosity

A group of Skoltech scientists have developed machine learning (ML) algorithms that can teach artificial intelligence (AI) to determine oil viscosity based on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) data. The new method can come ...

Materials Science Nov 17, 2020

Palladium, meet copper: Researchers use machine learning to improve catalysts

Researchers from Skoltech and their colleagues from Germany and the US have studied the properties and behavior of a palladium-copper alloy under changing temperatures and hydrogen concentrations, with highly relevant implications ...

Analytical Chemistry Nov 05, 2020

Shining a light on the issue of wine fraud

University of Adelaide wine researchers are developing a fast and simple method of authenticating wine—a potential solution against the estimated billions of dollars' worth of wine fraud globally, but also offering a possible ...

Environment Nov 17, 2020

NASA model reveals how much COVID-related pollution levels deviated from the norm

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, space- and ground-based observations have shown that Earth's atmosphere has seen significant reductions in some air pollutants. However, scientists wanted to know how much of that decline ...

Ecology Nov 03, 2020

Mapping to predict the distribution of ticks in Switzerland

A comprehensive study by EPFL and Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) has enabled researchers to map the geographical distribution of ticks in Switzerland for the first time, as well as to determine whether they are carriers ...

Nanomaterials Nov 19, 2020

Scientists propose machine learning method for 2-D material spectroscopy

Machine learning is an important branch in the field of artificial intelligence. Its basic idea is to build a statistical model based on data and use the model to analyze and predict the data. With the rapid development of ...

Molecular & Computational biology Nov 05, 2020

Nervous systems of insects inspire efficient future AI systems

Zoologists at the University of Cologne studied the nervous systems of insects to investigate principles of biological brain computation and possible implications for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Specifically, ...

Materials Science Nov 18, 2020

Machine learning innovation to develop chemical library for drug discovery

Machine learning has been used widely in the chemical sciences for drug design and other processes.

Materials Science Nov 06, 2020

New approach determines optimal materials designs with minimal data

Northwestern University researchers have developed a new computational approach to accelerate the design of materials exhibiting metal-insulator transitions (MIT), a rare class of electronic materials that have shown potential ...

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