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Ecology Apr 03, 2021

Births among endangered right whales highest since 2015

North Atlantic right whales gave birth over the winter in greater numbers than scientists have seen since 2015, an encouraging sign for researchers who became alarmed three years ago when the critically endangered species ...

Evolution Mar 31, 2021

450-million-year-old sea creatures had a leg up on breathing

A new study has found the first evidence of sophisticated breathing organs in 450-million-year-old sea creatures. Contrary to previous thought, trilobites were leg breathers, with structures resembling gills hanging off their ...

Ecology Mar 31, 2021

Seagrasses turn back the clock on ocean acidification

Spanning six years and seven seagrass meadows along the California coast, a paper published today from the University of California, Davis, is the most extensive study yet of how seagrasses can buffer ocean acidification.

Ecology Mar 18, 2021

Climate change ravages coralligenous architects in the Mediterranean

Marine heatwaves are dramatically affecting the marine ecosystems of the world and the Mediterranean is no exception. In the Mediterranean, these extreme climate episodes and its resulting massive mortality of species are ...

Plants & Animals Mar 15, 2021

When 'eradicated' species bounce back with a vengeance

Some invasive species targeted for total eradication bounce back with a vengeance, especially in aquatic systems, finds a study led by the University of California, Davis.

Plants & Animals Mar 11, 2021

How does a crustacean become a crab?

Crabs are living the meme life on social media lately. The memes joke that everything will eventually look like a crab. But it's actually based in some truth.

Plants & Animals Mar 08, 2021

Sea otters maintain remnants of healthy kelp forest amid sea urchin barrens

Sea otters have long been recognized as a classic example of a keystone species, a dominant predator that maintains the balance of kelp forest ecosystems by controlling populations of sea urchins, which are voracious kelp ...

Biotechnology Mar 08, 2021

Research illuminates embryonic stem cell fate

USC postdoctoral researcher Xi Chen knows that you have to break a few eggs in order to grow chicken stem cells. His work on maintaining embryonic stem cells (ESC) from chicken eggs provides insight into stem cell pluripotency ...

Ecology Mar 04, 2021

Social distancing in nature

Forager ants do it, vampire bats do it, guppies do it, and mandrills do it. Long before humans learned about and started "social distancing due to COVID-19," animals in nature intuitively practiced social distancing when ...

Plants & Animals Feb 26, 2021

Underwater Understory: The southwest forest you've never heard of

Deep in Australia's southwest is a hidden hotspot of biodiversity.

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