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Quantum Physics Mar 16, 2023

Researchers prepare for quantum sensing in outer space

As part of a new NASA Quantum Pathways Institute consisting of a multi-university research team, UC Santa Barbara professor of electrical and computer engineering Daniel Blumenthal will help to build technology and tools ...

Astronomy Mar 16, 2023

Prototype telescope launched to the International Space Station

A prototype telescope designed and built by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) researchers has been launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida to the International Space Station (ISS).

Space Exploration Mar 16, 2023

Examining the state of suborbital space science

Think there's nothing to learn through suborbital flight and that space science is only done in orbit? Think again.

Planetary Sciences Mar 16, 2023

Didymos is spinning so quickly that rocks are detaching at its equator and going into orbit

Asteroid Didymos is spitting rocks out into space.

Analytical Chemistry Mar 16, 2023

Researchers discover a new approach to harvesting aerial humidity with organic crystals

Researchers of the Smart Materials Lab (SML) and the Center for Smart Engineering Materials (CSEM) at NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) have reported a novel method of harvesting water from naturally occurring sources such as fog and ...

General Physics Mar 15, 2023

Fundamental constants: Is the universe fine-tuned for life?

Imagine a universe with extremely strong gravity. Stars would be able to form from very little material. They would be smaller than in our universe and live for a much shorter amount of time. But could life evolve there? ...

General Physics Mar 15, 2023

The multiverse: Our universe is suspiciously unlikely to exist—unless it is one of many, says physicist

It's easy to envisage other universes, governed by slightly different laws of physics, in which no intelligent life, nor indeed any kind of organized complex systems, could arise. Should we therefore be surprised that a universe ...

Plants & Animals Mar 15, 2023

International scientists warn of the serious impact of noise pollution on marine invertebrates

An international scientific study, led by the UPC's Laboratory of Applied Bioacoustics (LAB), shows that noise from human operations at sea damages marine invertebrates and ocean ecosystems. Published in Frontiers in Marine ...

Astronomy Mar 14, 2023

Transiting mini-Neptune exoplanet characterized as having either gaseous atmosphere, an ocean or both

An international team of planetary scientists has characterized some of the features of an exoplanet named HD-207496-b, located approximately 138 light years from Earth. In their paper accepted for publication in the journal ...

Space Exploration Mar 14, 2023

Mix-and-match kit could enable astronauts to build a menagerie of lunar exploration bots

When astronauts begin to build a permanent base on the moon, as NASA plans to do in the coming years, they'll need help. Robots could potentially do the heavy lifting by laying cables, deploying solar panels, erecting communications ...

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