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Environment Jun 23, 2021

Coastal cities face their mortality on the climate 'frontline'

For thousands of years, people have built their great metropolises right up against the contours of coasts, in estuaries and deltas, confident of the ebb and flow of the tides.

Environment Jun 23, 2021

Crushing climate impacts to hit sooner than feared: draft UN report

Climate change will fundamentally reshape life on Earth in the coming decades, even if humans can tame planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions, according to a landmark draft report from the UN's climate science advisors obtained ...

Environment Jun 23, 2021

UN draft climate report: Impacts on nature

Climate change threats to life on Earth are systemic, interconnected and on a scale unprecedented in human history, the UN's climate science advisors have warned in a draft report seen exclusively by AFP.

Ecology Jun 22, 2021

Research shows how carrion beetles turn death into life

It was Halloween and the discussion had inevitably turned to death – and flesh-eating zombies. I had just finished lunch at a "research away day" when I got caught up in a conversation about carrion beetles with a new colleague ...

Environment Jun 22, 2021

Future wood use assures long-term climate benefit from commercial forests

A new study published in Nature Communications demonstrates the important role that planting new commercial forests could play in the fight against climate change by including new accounting of greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation ...

Ecology Jun 21, 2021

New study on climate change impacts on plants could lead to better conservation strategies

The loss of plant species that are especially vulnerable to climate change might lead to bigger problems than previous studies have suggested, according to a new study published in the journal Proceedings of the National ...

Ecology Jun 21, 2021

China's efforts to save its wandering elephants are laudable, but let's not forget its bloody conflicts with the giants

Wild elephants are awe-inspiring—even if they're trying to kill you, as I discovered in 2004.

Environment Jun 21, 2021

Researchers develop new software for designing sustainable cities

New technology could help cities around the world improve people's lives while saving billions of dollars. The free, open-source software developed by the Stanford Natural Capital Project creates maps to visualize the links ...

Plants & Animals Jun 18, 2021

Sacred natural sites protect biodiversity in Iran

How much do traditional practices contribute to the protection of local biodiversity? Why and how are sacred groves locally valued and protected, and how can this be promoted and harnessed for environmental protection? Working ...

Plants & Animals Jun 18, 2021

Researchers identify genes for drought resistance in some, but not all European beeches

Which trees will survive dry, very hot summers and which will suffer severe damage? Regarding European beech trees, this question may now be answered by genome analyses. A team led by Prof. Dr. Markus Pfenninger, LOEWE Center ...

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