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Ecology Jun 03, 2021

Covering soil substrate on sand surface helps colonization and development of artificial biological soil crusts

Biological soil crusts (BSCs), also called "living skin" on the soil surface, are a community of interacting autotrophic and heterotrophic organisms, which are found in many low-productivity ecosystems around the world.

Plants & Animals Jun 02, 2021

Central Oregon bat survey shows value and scale-up potential of citizen science

Bat researchers say a project in Central Oregon shows citizen science's strong potential for helping ecologists learn more about one of the least understood groups of mammals.

Paleontology & Fossils May 25, 2021

Egyptian fossil surprise: Fishes thrived in tropics in ancient warm period, despite high ocean tempe

The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, or PETM, was a short interval of highly elevated global temperatures 56 million years ago that is frequently described as the best ancient analog for present-day climate warming.

Ecology May 20, 2021

Global pollen samples reveal vegetation rate of change

Ancient pollen samples and a new statistical approach may shed light on the global rate of change of vegetation and eventually on how much climate change and humans have played a part in altering landscapes, according to ...

Ecology May 18, 2021

Linguistic and biological diversity linked

Cultural diversity—indicated by linguistic diversity—and biodiversity are linked, and their connection may be another way to preserve both natural environments and Indigenous populations in Africa and perhaps worldwide, ...

Earth Sciences May 17, 2021

Life in the deep freeze: The revolution that changed our view of glaciers forever

I've been fascinated by glaciers since I was 14, when geography textbooks taught me about strange rivers of ice that crept down yawning valleys like giant serpents stalking their next meal. That kernel of wonder has carried ...

Evolution May 17, 2021

A 95-million-year-old reptile's solution to the problem of tooth wear

Eating plants is a challenging diet for many animals. To help extract the rich plant nutrients, modern mammals have specialized teeth for crushing up the hard plant parts to give the digestive system a head start. But modern ...

Plants & Animals May 13, 2021

Snakes alive? We're totally fine with them—just not at our house

Arizona! The sunsets. The saguaros. The snakes.

Earth Sciences May 11, 2021

Tracking carbon from the ocean surface to the twilight zone

A seaward journey, supported by both NASA and the National Science Foundation, set sail in the northern Atlantic in early May—the sequel to a complementary expedition, co-funded by NSF, that took place in the northern Pacific ...

Ecology May 10, 2021

In soil, high microbial fluctuation leads to more carbon emissions

As humans, the weather where we live influences our energy consumption. In climates where weather shifts from hot summers to very cold winters, humans consume more energy since the body has to work harder to maintain temperature.

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