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Ecology Jun 09, 2021

Panama expands the limits of the Coiba protected area

On June 8, World Oceans Day, the President of Panama, Laurentino Cortizo, signed an executive decree that expands the limits of the Cordillera de Coiba protected area, a step that will double the amount of Panamanian marine ...

Plants & Animals Jun 09, 2021

Gray whale off coast of Namibia swam halfway around the world to get there

A combined team of researchers from Durham University and Sea Search Research and Conservation NPC, has found that a gray whale spotted off the coast of Namibia traveled halfway around the globe to get there. In their paper ...

Plants & Animals Jun 08, 2021

Porpoises seem to cooperate in surprisingly sophisticated group hunting

When sailing along on the seas and you suddenly spot a porpoise's fin in the distance, chances are that you have only encountered a single animal. Porpoises are most often seen alone, but new research now suggests that they ...

Plants & Animals Jun 08, 2021

New population of blue whales discovered with help of bomb detectors

Blue whales may be the biggest animals in the world, but they're also some of the hardest to find.

Paleontology & Fossils Jun 07, 2021

School lesson gone wrong leads to new, bigger megalodon size estimate

A more reliable way of estimating the size of megalodon shows the extinct shark may have been bigger than previously thought, measuring up to 65 feet, nearly the length of two school buses. Earlier studies had ball-parked ...

Environment Jun 05, 2021

Indonesian women take on plastic waste brick by brick

Alarmed by the mountains of plastic waste leaching into Indonesia's waters, two best friends are taking on the environmental menace by turning crisp bags and shampoo packets into paving bricks.

Plants & Animals Jun 04, 2021

Video: Humpback whales spotted 'bubble-net feeding' for the first time in Australia

If you gaze at the ocean this winter, you might just be lucky enough to spot a whale migrating along Australia's coastline. This is the start of whale season, when the gentle giants breed in the warm northern waters off Australia ...

Earth Sciences Jun 04, 2021

High wave flooding in West Maui predicted through new online tool

A high-resolution, real-time wave run-up forecast tool, able to predict coastal flooding up to six days in advance, has been developed for the West Maui shoreline. The Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System (PacIOOS) created ...

Ecology Jun 03, 2021

Mysterious giant skull washes ashore on New Jersey beach

A giant skull with something akin to tweezers for a mouth washed ashore in New Jersey, igniting a social media debate over what it might be—and more importantly—what killed it.

Ecology Jun 03, 2021

New technology 'listens' for endangered right whales

One of the world's most endangered whale species could have added protection from threats posed by human marine activity, through technology developed by the University of East Anglia (UEA).

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