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Biotechnology Dec 14, 2016

Researchers sequence entire genome of seahorse, investigate essential mechanisms of evolution

Without a doubt, the seahorse belongs to Darwin's "endless forms most beautiful". Its body form is one of a kind. It has neither a tail nor pelvic fin, it swims vertically, bony plates reinforce its entire body and it has ...

Plants & Animals Nov 26, 2013

Seahorse heads have a 'no wake zone' that's made for catching prey

Seahorses are slow, docile creatures, but their heads are perfectly shaped to sneak up and quickly snatch prey, according to marine scientists from The University of Texas at Austin.

Ecology Dec 22, 2015

Video: Researchers catch rare footage of wild seahorse birth

The expectant father clings to seagrass and soon tiny creatures resembling filaments of string begin to emerge from deep within a pouch on his abdomen. Within seconds the newborn seahorses are swept away by the fast moving ...

Ecology Nov 12, 2013

Research puts seahorse flash photography safely in the frame

( —Do relatively non-invasive research methods like flash photography harm or change the behaviour of the very creature being investigated? It's an ethical dilemma frequently faced by environmental scientists, ...

Plants & Animals Jul 02, 2015

Why the seahorse's tail is square

Why is the seahorse's tail square? An international team of researchers has found the answer and it could lead to building better robots and medical devices. In a nutshell, a tail made of square, overlapping segments makes ...

Plants & Animals Mar 29, 2011

Biologist's work sheds light on the shape of seahorses

( -- People are naturally fascinated by seahorses. Characters from King Neptune to Aquaman to the Little Mermaid have been depicted as using these enigmatic creatures as a means of transportation.

Environment Sep 07, 2010

Gulf of Mexico oil spill threatens seahorse species with extinction: researchers

( -- A species of seahorse unique to the waters of the Gulf Coast could face extinction because of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, warns marine conservation organization Project Seahorse. Without careful intervention, ...

Plants & Animals Sep 01, 2015

Male seahorse and human pregnancies remarkably alike

Their pregnancies are carried by the males but, when it comes to breeding, seahorses have more in common with humans than previously thought, new research from the University of Sydney reveals.

Plants & Animals Jan 27, 2011

How the seahorse might have got its shape

( -- The shape of the seahorse has long baffled marine scientists, but new research suggests the seahorse’s unique shape may have evolved to allow it to catch its food when it was further away.

Plants & Animals Jul 07, 2009

Male seahorses like big mates

Male seahorses have a clear agenda when it comes to selecting a mating partner: to increase their reproductive success. By being choosy and preferring large females, they are likely to have more and bigger eggs, as well as ...

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