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Materials Science Apr 20, 2020

Catalyst enables reactions with the help of green light

For the first time, chemists at the University of Bonn and Lehigh University in the U.S. have developed a titanium catalyst that makes light usable for selective chemical reactions. It provides a cost-effective and nontoxic ...

Analytical Chemistry Jul 22, 2019

Imaging the chemical structure of individual molecules, atom by atom

For physicist Percy Zahl, optimizing and preparing a noncontact atomic force microscope (nc-AFM) to directly visualize the chemical structure of a single molecule is a bit like playing a virtual reality video game. The process ...

Materials Science May 24, 2019

Chemical juggling with three particles

Chemists from the University of Bonn and their U.S. colleagues at Columbia University in New York have discovered a novel mechanism in catalysis that allows the cheap, environmentally friendly synthesis of certain alcohols. ...

Bio & Medicine Apr 13, 2010

New nano-tool synthesized

Two chemists at The Scripps Research Institute have synthesized a new nano-scale scientific tool -- a tiny molecular switch that turns itself on or off as it detects metallic ions in its immediate surroundings.

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