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Ecology Jul 29, 2021

The price of pests: Australia's $390 billion invasive species bill

In just the last 60 years alone, deliberately or accidentally introduced invasive species have cost the Australian economy AUD$389.59 billion, a new analysis has revealed, with that number likely to rise unless better investments, ...

Plants & Animals Jul 28, 2021

Bacteria from nematodes could be used to kill fire ants

Bacteria-infected nematodes may provide biological control of invasive European fire ants found in Maine, according to a University of Maine-led study.

Materials Science Jul 27, 2021

Iridium-catalyzed hydrogen addition, giving plant- and insect-based natural substances

The cost-effectiveness of drug synthesis depends on a number of factors, including the amount of waste produced. A team of researchers have now discovered a catalyst that achieves exceptionally high-precision addition of ...

Plants & Animals Jul 26, 2021

How do Olympic athletes stack up against invertebrates? Not very well

Olympians spend years training to be the best of the best. Scientists and sportspeople have spent decades researching the mechanics of the human body to ensure our elite athletes are always reaching higher, faster and stronger.

Ecology Jul 15, 2021

Worries over racism, waterways inspire push to rename fish

Minnesota state Sen. Foung Hawj was never a fan of the "Asian carp" label commonly applied to four imported fish species that are wreaking havoc in the U.S. heartland, infesting numerous rivers and bearing down on the Great ...

Plants & Animals Jul 09, 2021

Bug experts seeking new name for destructive gypsy moths

Bug experts are dropping the common name of a destructive insect because it's considered an ethnic slur: the gypsy moth.

Evolution Jul 06, 2021

Sharp size reduction in dinosaurs that changed diet to termites

Dinosaurs were generally huge, but a new study of the unusual alvarezsaurs show that they reduced in size about 100 million years ago when they became specialized ant-eaters.

Plants & Animals Jun 23, 2021

These sea anemones eat ants

The giant plumose anemone is an animal, but it looks a bit like an underwater cauliflower. Its body consists of a stalk-like column that attaches to rocks and other surfaces on one end, and to a crown of tentacles on the ...

Evolution Jun 23, 2021

The origins of farming insects

A beetle bores a tree trunk to build a gallery in the wood in order to protect its lay. As it digs the tunnel, it spreads ambrosia fungal spores that will feed the larvae. When these bore another tree, the adult beetles will ...

Ecology Jun 22, 2021

Research shows how carrion beetles turn death into life

It was Halloween and the discussion had inevitably turned to death – and flesh-eating zombies. I had just finished lunch at a "research away day" when I got caught up in a conversation about carrion beetles with a new colleague ...

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