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Plants & Animals Oct 24, 2022

New peril for gray whale survival? Predatory orcas spotted in Baja calving lagoon

A deadly new threat may be on the horizon for gray whales—a species already suffering from a mysterious decline in population.

Environment Oct 19, 2022

Surfers, miners fight over South Africa's white beaches

To those who live here, it's like a little piece of heaven, boasting pink flamingos, white beaches and blue ocean waters.

Plants & Animals Oct 18, 2022

Record size bony fish found floating dead near Azores archipelago

A team of researchers affiliated with multiple institutions in Portugal, working with a colleague from New Zealand and another from Japan, has released a report detailing an extremely large ocean sunfish that was found floating ...

Plants & Animals Oct 17, 2022

Australia has hundreds of mammal species. We want to find them all, before they're gone

Life on Earth is undergoing a period of mass extinction—the sixth in history, and the first caused by humans. As species disappear at an alarming rate, we have learned that we understand only a fraction of Earth's variety ...

Plants & Animals Oct 17, 2022

Call to protect Exmouth Gulf marine haven

Threatened inshore dolphins and other species need protecting from proposed industrial expansion in Exmouth Gulf—an unprotected habitat adjoining the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Ningaloo Coast and Marine Park, warn experts ...

Plants & Animals Oct 13, 2022

Animal friendships are surprisingly like our own

When you think of friendship, what comes to mind? Is it a phone conversation that lasts late into the night? Watching a movie and sharing a pizza? Enjoying some laughs over a beer? Friendship is a central part of the human ...

Paleontology & Fossils Oct 03, 2022

Jurassic ichthyosaurs divided food resources to co-exist, researchers find

Early Jurassic ichthyosaur juveniles show predatory specializations, scientists at the University of Bristol have revealed.

Ecology Sep 22, 2022

Whale strandings: Five questions answered

The death of about 200 pilot whales at a Tasmanian beach has renewed questions about what causes such mass strandings and whether they can be prevented.

Plants & Animals Sep 17, 2022

An arms race over food waste: Sydney cockatoos are still opening curbside bins, despite our best efforts to stop them

Bloody hell! That cockatoo just opened my bin, and it's eating my leftover pizza. We can't have that, I'll put a rock on the lid to stop it opening the bin. Problem solved…?

Plants & Animals Sep 16, 2022

The koala: When it's smart to be slow

The koala was clinging to an old tree stag while stranded in the Murray River, on the border between New South Wales and Victoria. A team of students from La Trobe University noticed its predicament as they were paddling ...

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