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Astronomy Jun 14, 2021

Boundary of heliosphere mapped for the first time

For the first time, the boundary of the heliosphere has been mapped, giving scientists a better understanding of how solar and interstellar winds interact.

Plants & Animals Jun 14, 2021

Sex organs of baobab flowers solve puzzle of trees that bear more fruit

Baobabs are the mainstay of rural communities in some parts of Africa—they provide food in the form of leaves that are cooked like spinach, and large oval fruit which are rich in vitamin C. Oils are extracted from the crushed ...

Ecology Jun 02, 2021

How gamification helped explain the threat of COVID-19 to Indigenous people in Colombia

For the Embera, Wounaan and Kuna Tule peoples of the Choco region in Colombia, the COVID-19 pandemic is just one of the many threats they face. Like many other Indigenous communities around the world, they witnessed little ...

Plants & Animals Jun 02, 2021

Central Oregon bat survey shows value and scale-up potential of citizen science

Bat researchers say a project in Central Oregon shows citizen science's strong potential for helping ecologists learn more about one of the least understood groups of mammals.

Plants & Animals Jun 01, 2021

Sick bats also employ 'social distancing' which prevents the outbreak of epidemics

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced us to expressions like 'lockdown', 'isolation' and 'social distancing', which became part of social conduct all over the world. Now it appears that bats also maintain social distancing ...

Plants & Animals Jun 01, 2021

Mapping zoonotic 'hot spots' where risk of coronaviruses jumping from bats to humans is highest

A team of researchers from Politecnico di Milano, the University of California and Massey University has created maps of possible hotspots in Asia and Europe where the risk of coronaviruses jumping from bats to humans is ...

Plants & Animals May 28, 2021

Study of bat navigation in extra-large spaces reveals an unknown neuronal code

The brain is often likened to a computer, its hardware consisting of neurons organized in complex circuits; its software a plethora of codes that govern the neurons' behavior. But sometimes, the brain performs exceptionally ...

Environment May 28, 2021

The guitar industry's hidden environmental problem

Musicians are often concerned about environmental problems, but entangled in them through the materials used in their instruments. The guitar industry, which uses rare woods from old-growth trees, has been a canary in the ...

Plants & Animals May 24, 2021

For penguins, leading or following might be more about relationships

Many people know that penguins are social birds that live and raise their chicks together in big colonies.

Ecology May 24, 2021

Experimental broadcast of whitewater river noise drives bats and birds away

While many might consider a walk in the woods to be a quiet, peaceful escape from their noisy urban life, we often don't consider just how incredibly noisy some natural environments can be. Although we use soothing natural ...

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