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Archaeology Apr 02, 2013

Research on Maya village uncovers 'invisible' crops, unexpected agriculture

( —The University of Cincinnati's mastery of ancient Maya mysteries continues with new research from professor of biological sciences David Lentz.

Ecology Nov 10, 2010

Potential hemlock hybrids tolerant to invasive hemlock woolly adelgid

New hemlock hybrids that are tolerant to the invasive insect known as hemlock woolly adelgid have been created by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists.

Other Aug 11, 2008

If a street tree falls... what does it take to make sound policy?

There's little debate that, when a tree falls near a city street, it makes a sound. But other questions are more difficult to answer: Who is affected by the falling tree and how? Who is liable for the damage? And who is responsible ...

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