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Nanomaterials Sep 17, 2020

Sturdy fabric-based piezoelectric energy harvester takes us one step closer to wearable electronics

KAIST researchers presented a highly flexible but sturdy wearable piezoelectric harvester using the simple and easy fabrication process of hot pressing and tape casting. This energy harvester, which has record high interfacial ...

Nanomaterials Sep 22, 2020

A multisensory graphene-based skin can sense in extreme environments where other sensors cannot be used

Harsh environments that are inhospitable to existing technologies could now be monitored using sensors based on graphene. An intriguing form of carbon, graphene comprises layers of interconnected hexagonal rings of carbon ...

Nanomaterials Sep 02, 2020

2-D nanomaterial shows promise for high-speed electronics, quantum devices and defense tools

Purdue University researchers have passed another significant milestone as they work to take a new two-dimensional nanomaterial to market for use in nanoelectronics, quantum devices and infrared technology used in national ...

Nanomaterials Jul 29, 2020

3-D touchless interactive display detects finger humidity to change color

A novel three-dimensional (3-D) touchless interactive display can change color based on the distance of the user's finger from the screen by detecting subtle shifts in ambient relative humidity, according to a new study. ...

Bio & Medicine Aug 19, 2020

An on-skin durable nanomesh sensor to monitor natural skin motion

Comfortable strain gages can be directly placed on human skin to monitor continuous motion activity with widespread applications in robotics, human motion detection, and personal health care. However, it is challenging to ...

Nanomaterials Jul 21, 2020

Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode display on human skin

The development of electronic applications can take on many new forms to include foldable and wearable displays to monitor human health and act as medical robots. Such devices rely on organic-light emitting diodes (OLEDs) ...

Materials Science Jul 22, 2020

Invention offers new option for monitoring heart health

An invention may turn one of the most widely used materials for biomedical applications into wearable devices to help monitor heart health.

Nanomaterials Jul 10, 2020

Liquid metal synthesis for better piezoelectrics: Atomically-thin tin-monosulfide

An RMIT-UNSW collaboration has applied liquid-metal synthesis to piezoelectrics, advancing future flexible, wearable electronics, and biosensors drawing their power from the body's movements.

Molecular & Computational biology Aug 17, 2020

Bio-based communication networks could control cells in the body to treat conditions

Like electronic devices, biological cells send and receive messages, but they communicate through very different mechanisms. Now, scientists report progress on tiny communication networks that overcome this language barrier, ...

Materials Science Aug 20, 2020

Scientists invent new sensing eye mask

From the team that invented physiology-sensing pajamas at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, now comes a new, lightweight eye mask that can unobtrusively capture pulse, eye movement and sleep signals, for example, when ...

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