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Earth Sciences Mar 31, 2021

New study discovers ancient meteoritic impact over Antarctica 430,000 years ago

A research team of international space scientists, led by Dr. Matthias van Ginneken from the University of Kent's School of Physical Sciences, has found new evidence of a low-altitude meteoritic touchdown event reaching the ...

Space Exploration Jun 22, 2020

ESA highlights protection for our planet ahead of Asteroid Day

The United Nations' International Asteroid Day on 30 June highlights ESA's expanding efforts to secure our future by understanding and addressing risks posed by near-Earth objects that could impact our planet.

Space Exploration May 20, 2020

The Tunguska explosion could have been caused by an asteroid that still orbits the sun

On a cool summer morning in 1908, a fireball appeared over northern Siberia. Eyewitnesses described a column of blue light that moved across the sky, followed by a tremendous explosion that leveled trees across more than ...

Space Exploration Apr 30, 2020

Terrible luck: The only person ever killed by a meteorite—back in 1888

What are your chances of getting smacked – and killed—by a meteorite? One astronomer put the odds of death by space rock at 1 in 700,000 in a lifetime, while others say it's more like 1 in 1,600,000.

Space Exploration Jul 25, 2019

An asteroid just buzzed past Earth, and we barely noticed in time

A 100-metre-wide asteroid passed just 70,000km from Earth on Thursday, Australian time. It was discovered by the Brazilian SONEAR survey just days ago, and its presence was announced mere hours before it zoomed past our planet. ...

Space Exploration Jun 27, 2019

Tunguska revisited: 111-year-old mystery impact inspires new, more optimistic asteroid predictions

Every single day, many tons of tiny rocks—smaller than pebbles—hit the Earth's atmosphere and disintegrate. Between frequent shooting stars we wish on in the night sky and the massive extinction-level asteroids that we ...

Space Exploration Jun 26, 2019

Celebrating Asteroid Day with ESA and the world

Summer in the Northern hemisphere has arrived and with it the long, sunny days and hot, sticky nights.

Space Exploration May 23, 2019

Study investigates potential risk of Taurid meteor swarm

A new study from Western University posits proof to the possibility that an oncoming swarm of meteors—likened to the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot by some extraterrestrial experts—may indeed pose an existential risk for ...

Space Exploration Mar 22, 2019

Why dangerous asteroids heading to Earth are so hard to detect

Earth is often in the firing line of fragments of asteroids and comets, most of which burn up tens of kilometres above our heads. But occasionally, something larger gets through.

Space Exploration Feb 08, 2019

To save the Earth someday, team builds spacecraft to crash into an asteroid and shove it off course

A team of scientists, astronomers and engineers meets weekly in a conference room on a Howard County, Md., research campus and plans to save the world.

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