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General Physics Jun 09, 2021

Dynamics of contact electrification

A new report on Science Advances developed by Mirco Kaponig and colleagues in physics and nanointegration in Germany, detailed the very basic concept of contact electrification between two metals. In a new experimental method, ...

Nanomaterials Jun 01, 2021

Self-aware materials build the foundation for living structures

From the biggest bridges to the smallest medical implants, sensors are everywhere, and for good reason: The ability to sense and monitor changes before they become problems can be both cost-saving and life-saving.

Nanophysics May 31, 2021

Scientists look to capture clean energy from our clothing

Could a jacket or a pair of jeans one day power your mobile phone and other electronic devices?

General Physics Mar 26, 2021

Scientists propose highly reliable thermal power generator

Chinese scientists have proposed a highly reliable thermal power generator by combining thermoacoustic effect and triboelectric effect.

General Physics Mar 26, 2021

A bio-inspired mechano-photonic artificial synapse

Multifunctional and diverse artificial neural systems can incorporate multimodal plasticity, memory and supervised learning functions to assist neuromorphic computation. In a new report, Jinran Yu and a research team in nanoenergy, ...

Nanophysics Dec 04, 2019

New high-performance triboelectric materials fabricated from by-products of petroleum refining process

Triboelectric generation is an energy harvesting technique that generates electricity through induction of triboelectric effects using discarded physical energy. Materials employed to triboelectric generators (TEG) are classified ...

Nanophysics Jun 02, 2017

Chinese team develops skin-like triboelectric nanogenerator

(—A team of researchers with the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology in China has developed what it is calling a skin-like triboelectric nanogenerator (STENG). In their paper published in the journal ...

Materials Science Oct 14, 2013

Power from the sea? Triboelectric nanogenerator extracts energy from ocean waves

( —As sources of renewable energy, sun and wind have one major disadvantage: it isn't always sunny or windy. Waves in the ocean, on the other hand, are never still. American researchers are now aiming to use waves ...

Nanomaterials Mar 20, 2019

Scientists create fire-retardant sensors for safety gear in harsh environments

Imagine a device that could stand up to even the most intense fires so that it could automatically signal others when a firefighter is immobilized on the job.

Materials Science Jul 22, 2020

Invention offers new option for monitoring heart health

An invention may turn one of the most widely used materials for biomedical applications into wearable devices to help monitor heart health.

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