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Condensed Matter Mar 04, 2020

Probing microscopic wiggles in squishy materials

The term "colloidal gel" may not be a household phrase, but examples of these materials are everywhere in our daily lives, from toothpaste and shower gel to mayonnaise and yogurt. Colloidal gels are mixtures of particles ...

Polymers Mar 09, 2020

The ink of the future in printed electronics

A research group led by Simone Fabiano at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics, Linköping University, has created an organic material with superb conductivity that doesn't need to be doped. They have achieved this by mixing ...

Optics & Photonics Mar 13, 2020

Silicon-graphene hybrid plasmonic waveguide photodetectors beyond 1.55 μm

Silicon photonics are known as a key technology for modern optical communications at the near infrared wavelength-band, i.e., 1.31/1.55 μm. Currently silicon photonics researchers have attempted to extend the technology ...

Materials Science Jan 06, 2020

Power dressing: Electricity-generating, stretchy, self-mending materials for wearables

Wearable electronics could be perpetually powered by stretchy, self-mending materials that use body heat to generate electricity. Three carefully curated organic compounds have been combined to develop a prototype thermoelectric ...

Materials Science Jan 17, 2020

Making new catalysts from unique metallic alloys

Heusler alloys are magnetic materials made from three different metals that are not magnetic individually. The alloys are used broadly for their magnetic and thermoelectric properties, and their ability to regain their original ...

Materials Science Jan 23, 2020

Body heat through flexible fabric could power IoT devices for health monitoring for people, pets, machinery

Wearable electronics and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices are rapidly growing in popularity, but their need for consistent power can place a high burden on users. One recently proposed solution is to generate electricity ...

Materials Science Mar 03, 2020

This wearable device camouflages its wearer no matter the weather

Researchers at the University of California San Diego developed a wearable technology that can hide its wearer from heat-detecting sensors such as night vision goggles, even when the ambient temperature changes—a feat that ...

Condensed Matter May 14, 2014

New insight into thermoelectric materials may boost green technologies

Thermoelectric materials can turn a temperature difference into an electric voltage. Among their uses in a variety of specialized applications: generating power on space probes and cooling seats in fancy cars.

Nanomaterials Apr 17, 2012

Nanocrystal-coated fibers might reduce wasted energy

( -- Researchers are developing a technique that uses nanotechnology to harvest energy from hot pipes or engine components to potentially recover energy wasted in factories, power plants and cars.

Nanomaterials Jan 22, 2013

Improved thermoelectric materials with atomic layer deposition

Researchers at the Aalto University School of Chemical Technology have applied atomic layer deposition (ALD) technique to the synthesis of thermoelectric materials. Converting waste energy into electricity, these materials ...

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