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Materials Science Jul 01, 2020

New plastic biomaterials could lead to tougher, more versatile medical implants

A new thermoplastic biomaterial, which is tough and strong but also easy to process and shape has been developed by researchers at the University of Birmingham.

Economics & Business Jun 11, 2020

Adding women to corporate boards improves decisions about medical product safety

Medical supply companies with boards that included at least two women recalled life-threatening products almost a month sooner than those with all-male boards, according to our forthcoming study examining thousands of medical ...

Materials Science Apr 28, 2020

A great new way to paint 3-D-printed objects

Rutgers engineers have created a highly effective way to paint complex 3-D-printed objects, such as lightweight frames for aircraft and biomedical stents, that could save manufacturers time and money and provide new opportunities ...

Bio & Medicine Feb 12, 2020

Professor teaches tiny nanoparticles to prevent heart attacks

An associate professor from Michigan State University has helped invent a potential treatment for coronary artery disease—a sub-microscopic scouring process he likens to "taking out the garbage."

Polymers Jan 23, 2020

Predicting the degradation behavior of advanced medical devices

Polymer materials play a vital role in today's medicine. While many applications demand long-lasting devices, others benefit from materials that disintegrate once their job is done. The design of such materials largely depends ...

Polymers Jan 17, 2020

Ingestible medical devices can be broken down with light

A variety of medical devices can be inserted into the gastrointestinal tract to treat, diagnose, or monitor GI disorders. Many of these have to be removed by endoscopic surgery once their job is done. However, MIT engineers ...

Biotechnology Dec 02, 2019

Using electronics to solve common biological problems

What do an electrical engineer, an organic chemist, a materials scientist and a cell biologist all have in common? They invent and improve applications at the interface of biology and electronics.

Optics & Photonics Dec 02, 2019

Cardiac imaging with 3-D cellular resolution using few-mode interferometry to diagnose coronary artery disease

A new imaging technique developed by Biwei Yin and interdisciplinary researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School in the U.S., provides resolution at the subcellular-level to image the heart's ...

Materials Science Nov 19, 2019

How to expand and contract curved surfaces of all shapes

Researchers at TU Delft's department of Precision and Microsystems Engineering (PME) have designed a dilation method that can be applied to any curved surface. This universal method may have a range of applications, including ...

Materials Science Oct 23, 2019

Monitoring the corrosion of bioresorbable magnesium

ETH researchers have recently been able to monitor the corrosion of bioresorbable magnesium alloys at the nanoscale over a time scale of a few seconds to many hours. This is an important step towards accurately predicting ...

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