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Materials Science Jan 29, 2015

What does Spiderman eat for breakfast?

While stuck in a hotel room I got sucked into watching the 2002 Spiderman movie. And it struck me that Peter Parker must have an enormously high-protein diet to generate all that spider silk he goes through. So being the ...

Plants & Animals Sep 01, 2017

A monkey named Spiderman dies in New York at age 43

A monkey named Spiderman has died at a New York zoo after an unusually long life.

General Physics Feb 25, 2013

Spiderman's webbing would be strong enough to stop a moving train, say physics students

(—In Spiderman 2, the superhero uses his webbing to bring a runaway train to a standstill moments before it plummets over the end of the track. But could a material with the strength and toughness of spiders' web ...

Plants & Animals Apr 05, 2017

'Spiderman' worm-snails discovered on Florida shipwreck

What's brightly colored, lives on shipwrecks, filter-feeds like a whale, and shoots webs like Spiderman? If you can't readily come up with an answer, that's okay: until now, such animals weren't known to science. But as of ...

Evolution Jan 18, 2016

Why Spiderman can't exist: Geckos are 'size limit' for sticking to walls

Latest research reveals why geckos are the largest animals able to scale smooth vertical walls - even larger climbers would require unmanageably large sticky footpads. Scientists estimate that a human would need adhesive ...

Condensed Matter Aug 29, 2007

Physicists found formula for spiderman suit

Physicists have found the formula for a Spiderman suit. Only recently has man come to understand how spiders and geckos effortlessly scuttle up walls and hang from ceilings but it was doubted that this natural form of adhesion ...

Business Oct 13, 2014

Spiderman may swing over Beijing in new theme park

(AP)—Spiderman could soon swing over Beijing, chasing Optimus Prime and despicable minions through a $3.3 billion Universal theme park aimed at capitalizing on China's rising middle class and growing demand for all things ...

Plants & Animals Oct 02, 2012

Spiders' design mastery allows for webs to stick to ground and elevated surfaces differently

(—While the common house spider may be creepy, it also has been inspiring researchers to find new and better ways to develop adhesives for human applications such as wound healing and industrial-strength tape. ...

Social Sciences Oct 04, 2012

Science fiction is not put to good use in teaching

A study at the University of Valencia (Spain) ensures that science fiction, especially the cinema, is very popular amongst secondary school students and teachers see it as a good way of motivating interest in the sciences. ...

Business Jun 18, 2009

Special effects outsourcing grows in India

(AP) -- Outsourcing to India, long dominated by software engineering and back-office work, is expanding in new terrain: special effects for movies.

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