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Evolution Jun 01, 2021

The evolutionary fates of supergenes unmasked

While the term "supergene" may bring to mind the genetic hocus-pocus of Peter Parker's transformation into Spiderman, supergenes are actually fairly common phenomena in the realm of biology. A supergene refers to a genomic ...

Biotechnology Apr 30, 2021

Bioweapons and super soldiers: How the UK is joining the genomic technology arms race

The UK government recently announced an £800 million, taxpayer-funded Advanced Research and Invention Agency (Aria). The brainchild of the British prime minister's former chief adviser, Dominic Cummings and modeled on the ...

Plants & Animals Jan 07, 2020

Don't like spiders? Here are 10 reasons to change your mind

Australia is famous for its supposedly scary spiders. While the sight of a spider may cause some people to shudder, they are a vital part of nature. Hostile reactions are harming conservation efforts—especially when people ...

Social Sciences Jul 02, 2019

Even today, we want our heroes to know right from wrong

In a world of sympathetic villains and flawed heroes, people still like fictional characters more when they have a strong sense of morality, a new study finds.

Space Exploration Jun 28, 2018

Robot with artificial intelligence about to invade space

A robot with true artificial intelligence is about to invade space.

Other May 05, 2018

These puppies may be Maryland's first cloned dogs, and superheroes in their own right

A Bel Air woman loves her long-haired chihuahua so much that she paid a Texas animal cloning company $50,000 so that her dog—or a version of him—will be at her side forever.

Polymers Apr 25, 2018

Spinning high-strength polymer nanofibers

Spiderman has it figured out.

Materials Science Dec 13, 2017

Gecko adhesion technology moves closer to industrial uses

A gecko scampering up a wall or across a ceiling has long fascinated scientists and encouraged them to investigate how to harness lizard's mysterious ability to defy gravity.

Plants & Animals Sep 01, 2017

A monkey named Spiderman dies in New York at age 43

A monkey named Spiderman has died at a New York zoo after an unusually long life.

Nanomaterials Aug 14, 2017

Nanomaterials help spiders spin the toughest stuff

Spiders' silk is already tough stuff—just ask your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman.

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