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Plants & Animals Dec 06, 2021

Examining the neurotoxin from a black widow

Phobias are often irrational by nature—especially in the case of spiders, as these creatures are usually more afraid of humans than vice-versa. But: some species are a force to be reckoned with—for example, the Latrodectus ...

Plants & Animals Dec 06, 2021

Big gaps in quest to sequence genomes of all animals

Efforts to sequence the genomes of the world's animals tend to focus on those that most resemble humans with the work conducted almost entirely in the Global North, according to an analysis led by Washington State University.

Plants & Animals Dec 03, 2021

Spiders' motion on a web studied as electrons orbiting a nucleus

The tiny male golden orb-weaving spider faces a considerable challenge when searching for a mate. He is a fraction of the size of the massive female, but must carefully enter her web and approach her without being noticed, ...

Earth Sciences Nov 29, 2021

Researchers identify behavioral adaptations that may help Antarctic fishes adapt to warming Southern Ocean

At first glance, Antarctica seems inhospitable. Known for howling gales and extremely cold temperatures, the continent is blanketed with a mile-thick ice shelf. Occasional elephant seals and seabirds fleck the glacial shorelines.

Plants & Animals Nov 23, 2021

First moth species on Alpenrose discovered

An Austrian-Swiss research team was able to find a previously unknown glacial relic in the Alps, the Alpine rose leaf-miner moth. It is the first known species to have its caterpillars specializing on the rust-red alpine ...

Evolution Nov 17, 2021

The impact of flowering plants on the evolution of life on Earth

Researchers at the University of Bristol have identified the huge impact of flowering plants on the evolution of life on Earth.

Plants & Animals Nov 17, 2021

New hope for ancient spider species feared extinct on Kangaroo Island

The recent discovery of two assassin spiders found living in a remnant patch of long unburnt habitat in Kangaroo Island have given new hope for the future of the ancient species after it was feared that they had become extinct.

Materials Science Nov 16, 2021

Synthetic biology yields easy-to-use underwater adhesives

Several marine organisms, such as mussels, secrete adhesive proteins that allow them to stick to different surfaces under sea water. This attractive underwater adhesion property has inspired decades of research to create ...

Other Nov 15, 2021

How gene editing could be used as a weapon, and what to do about it

It has been over a year since the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic. And perhaps the most important lesson is that we were completely unprepared to face the debilitating virus.

Plants & Animals Nov 12, 2021

Electric ecology: Ingenious ways animals and plants use electricity

When you hear the word "electricity," thoughts of power lines or household appliances are probably conjured up in your mind. But electricity is not just a modern human phenomenon—it was around long before us and, in fact, ...

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