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Materials Science 13 hours ago

Controlling artificial cilia with magnetic fields and light

Researchers from North Carolina State University and Elon University have made artificial cilia, or hair-like structures, that can bend into new shapes in response to a magnetic field, then return to their original shape ...

Biochemistry 20 hours ago

3-D printed egg whites outperform existing flexible electronics materials

Devices flexible enough to be worn in comfort, sensitive enough to measure a pulse and transparent and thus barely noticeable are an attractive prospect for a range of applications from monitoring biometrics to hands-free ...

General Physics May 08, 2020

Pulse-driven robot: Motion via solitary waves

Scientists have recently explored the unique properties of nonlinear waves to facilitate a wide range of applications including impact mitigation, asymmetric transmission, switching and focusing. In a new study now published ...

Analytical Chemistry Apr 29, 2020

Molecular engineering metal coordination interactions for strong, tough, fast-recovery hydrogels

Load bearing tissues such as muscles and cartilages typically show high elasticity, toughness and fast recovery rates. However, combining such mechanical properties in the lab to build synthetic biomaterials is fundamentally ...

Biochemistry May 11, 2020

Cation-induced shape programming and morphing in protein-based hydrogels

Smart materials or advanced materials that can memorize a temporary shape and morph in response to a stimulus can revolutionize medicine and robotics. In a new study now on Science Advances, Luai R. Khoury and a research ...

Plants & Animals May 08, 2020

Robot designers take heed: adjustable hairy toes help geckos run sideways along walls

Robots with toes? Experiments suggest that climbing robots could benefit from having flexible, hairy toes, like those of geckos, that can adjust quickly to accommodate shifting weight and slippery surfaces.

Cell & Microbiology May 18, 2020

Technology makes tissues elastic and lasting for easier imaging

When there's a vexing problem to be solved, people sometimes offer metaphorical advice such as "stretching the mind" or engaging in "flexible" thinking, but in confronting a problem facing many biomedical research labs, a ...

Materials Science Apr 28, 2020

A great new way to paint 3-D-printed objects

Rutgers engineers have created a highly effective way to paint complex 3-D-printed objects, such as lightweight frames for aircraft and biomedical stents, that could save manufacturers time and money and provide new opportunities ...

Economics & Business May 05, 2020

Five transferable skills for the future workforce

We live in a world that is forever changing, so it's important to get ahead of the game and adopt skills that will enable you to adapt and succeed in the future workplace.

General Physics Apr 17, 2020

Advance could enable remote control of soft robots

Soft materials, such as rubber or polymers that can endure drastic changes to their shape, are promising for applications where flexibility and shapeshifting abilities are paramount.

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