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Materials Science 9 hours ago

Discovery uncovers need for ammonia emission regulations

A discovery by former Carnegie Mellon Ph.D. student, Mingyi Wang, leading a large collaborative team, sheds light on one way new particles are forming in the upper troposphere. The study, published in Nature, reveals an unexpected ...

Environment 9 hours ago

For wetland plants, sea-level rise stamps out benefits of higher carbon dioxide

Wetlands across the globe are in danger of drowning from rising seas. But for decades, scientists held out hope that another aspect of climate change—rising carbon dioxide (CO2)—could trigger extra plant growth, enabling ...

Earth Sciences 10 hours ago

Bringing order to the chaos of sea level projections

In their effort to provide decisionmakers with insight into the consequences of climate change, climate researchers at NIOZ, Deltares and UU are bringing order to the large number of sea level projections, translating climate ...

Ecology 10 hours ago

Tree loss on Madagascar not caused by small-scale fires used for land clearing

Once humans discovered how to tame fire, they began using it for heat and cooking as well as to scare away animals and to alter their environs, especially burning areas to plant and to restore grazing land. In Madagascar, ...

Social Sciences 10 hours ago

When harnessing the power of social media, engagement is a key performance indicator

The explosive growth of social media during the last decade has dramatically changed the dynamics of business-customer interactions. Yet relatively few firms have properly strategized their social media appearance and involvement, ...

Earth Sciences 10 hours ago

Discovering a new way by which aerosols rapidly form and grow at high altitude

Aerosol particles can form and grow in Earth's upper troposphere in an unexpected way, reports the CLOUD collaboration in a paper published today in Nature. The new mechanism may represent a major source of cloud and ice ...

Ecology 10 hours ago

Proposed nitrogen fertilizer policies could protect farmer profits, environment

Nitrogen fertilizer has major implications for crop yields and environmental health, specifically water quality in the Gulf of Mexico. Federal and state governments have shied away from regulating nitrogen fertilizer use, ...

Evolution 12 hours ago

Important genetic origin of our senses identified

Having a head is quite an advantage. Although this may sound banal, it had to be tested in a long evolutionary process: As animal life developed, invertebrates initially dominated the oceans. These had already developed head ...

Social Sciences 12 hours ago

Study chronicles presence of chronic frames of race, gender, and wealth inequality

All social inequalities, by definition, involve one group that has more and another that has less. Do people prefer describing inequalities in terms of advantage or disadvantage?

Social Sciences 13 hours ago

US child welfare system is falling short because of persistent child poverty

Although government spending on the child welfare system totaled US$33 billion in 2018, the most recent year for which an estimate is available, it's still failing to meet all children's needs because of overwhelming demand.

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