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Environment Jan 20, 2022

Pristine groundwater seeps support native algae on Hawai'i's coasts

Native marine macroalgae, also known as limu, or as seaweed, thrive in environments created by natural groundwater seeps, specifically benefiting from the combined effects of enhanced nutrients despite lowered salinity levels, ...

Plants & Animals Jan 19, 2022

Untangling the roots of plant genomes: Supporting a 'moonshot' for botany

Research featured this month in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences highlights the progress of plant genomics and includes a roadmap for the enormous task of sequencing the genomes of plants worldwide.

Ecology Jan 18, 2022

Sunflowers' invisible colors help them attract bees and adapt to drought

It turns out sunflowers are more than just a pretty face: the ultraviolet colors of their flowers not only attract pollinators, but also help the plant regulate water loss, according to new UBC research.

Plants & Animals Jan 12, 2022

One gene closer to a super sorghum

Scientists are honing the traits of speed, strength and near invulnerability in an important food crop that, much like a superhero, will help protect the vulnerable.

Plants & Animals Jan 07, 2022

Scientists uncover the distribution and physiological role of planteose

Witchweed (Striga spp.) and broomrapes (Orobanche and Phelipanche spp.) are root parasitic weeds that inflict major losses in agriculture globally. Being obligate parasitic flowering plants in nature, they parasitize other ...

Evolution Jan 05, 2022

New research shows gene exchange between viruses and hosts drives evolution

The first comprehensive analysis of viral horizontal gene transfer (HGT) illustrates the extent to which viruses pick up genes from their hosts to hone their infection process, while at the same time hosts also co-opt useful ...

Plants & Animals Jan 04, 2022

Gravitational action of sun and moon influences behavior of animals and plants, study shows

The rhythms of activity in all biological organisms, both plants and animals, are closely linked to the gravitational tides created by the orbital mechanics of the sun-Earth-moon system. This truth has been somewhat neglected ...

Plants & Animals Jan 04, 2022

New species of orchids discovered in Sichuan, China

During an investigation of wild orchid resources in Sichuan Province (the second National Key Protected Wild Plant Resources Survey), researchers from the Wuhan Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, together ...

Plants & Animals Dec 20, 2021

Forests with rich tree species grow more consistently

A recent study in Science Advances shows that extreme weather conditions affect species-rich forests less than forests with fewer species. In addition, species-rich forests also produce more wood—largely due to the diversity ...

Plants & Animals Dec 06, 2021

Biologist roots out solutions, creates tools to help others grow better crops

Biologist Larry York's fascination with plant roots has spurred his research across four continents and inspired him to create accessible tools that enable others to explore the underground world.

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