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Ecology Sep 14, 2023

Pollen in pee: Fossilized urine from a small African mammal helps with understanding past environments

If you are allergic to pollen, you are likely to curse the existence of these microscopic particles. You're not alone: up to 30% of the world's population suffers from hay fever, which is often driven by pollen allergies. ...

Evolution Sep 11, 2023

You say tomato, these scientists say evolutionary mystery

Biologists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have found evidence for evolutionary "syndromes"—sets of traits that occur together—that help to explain how tomatoes first evolved their distinctive blend of color, ...

Plants & Animals Sep 4, 2023

New endemic Agapetes species reported from Yunnan, China

Agapetes comprises about 100 species, most of which are found in the subtropical monsoon region of Asia. In China, 59 species and two varieties are recognized.

Earth Sciences Aug 30, 2023

Will the world's mangroves, marshes and coral survive warm, rising seas?

Research published in Nature warns that rising seas will devastate coastal habitats, using evidence from the last Ice Age.

Ecology Aug 24, 2023

How local communities depend on the ivory palm tree in coastal Ecuador

The ivory palm tree, also known as tagua, is endemic to the Chocó-Darien region on the Pacific coast of South America. The local population relies on this unique tree for many uses and the tagua fruit, nuts, and leaves ...

Plants & Animals Aug 23, 2023

Fungus gnats as pollinators not pests

Many plants and crops rely on insects to pollinate them so they can reproduce. A new study has shown that several flowering plants from the group Euonymus are pollinated by fungus gnats, a dipteran insect. Specifically, they ...

Plants & Animals Aug 22, 2023

Study finds new type of cell related to organ movement for self-pollination in plants

A study led by Dr. Yin-Zheng Wang (Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Sciences) has found that the stigma of Chirita pumila has movement and proved that the motion is associated with water sensitivity. Further, through ...

Evolution Aug 15, 2023

Population genomic analyses reveal multiple domestications of Asian rice

In a study published in Nature Plants, researchers led by Prof. Ge Song from the Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have demonstrated that Asian rice domestication began independently from divergent wild ...

Evolution Aug 4, 2023

Database with 2,400 prehistoric sites, a tool for human evolutionary studies

Human history in one click: For the first time, numerous sites relating to the early history of mankind from 3 million to 20,000 years ago can be accessed in a large-scale database.

Plants & Animals Jul 27, 2023

Second species of ramp, or wild leek, documented in Pennsylvania

The presence of a second species of ramp, Allium burdickii—commonly known as narrow-leaved wild leek—has been documented in southwest Pennsylvania by a team of Penn State researchers in a new study. This plant species ...

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