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Biochemistry 2 hours ago

Scientists design way to use harmless bacteria to detect heavy metals in drinking water

When it comes to testing drinking water for dangerous contaminants, such as heavy metals like lead or cadmium, continuous testing directly from faucets people drink from is important. Yet, very little of this kind of water ...

Materials Science Feb 24, 2020

Programmable droplet manipulation by a magnetic-actuation robot

Droplet manipulation in materials science can contribute to water collection, medical diagnostics and drug delivery techniques. While structure-based liquid operations are widely used in nature and in bioinspired artificial ...

Analytical Chemistry Feb 24, 2020

Manipulating surface tension in fluids to suit various industrial needs

What do dishwashing liquid and nonstick pans have in common? Besides the fact that one is used to clean the other after cooking, both household items derive their usefulness by affecting the physical properties of fluids ...

Materials Science Feb 26, 2020

Separation chemistry: A step toward greener metal recycling processes

Liquid-to-liquid extraction is the basic process used in hydrometallurgy for recycling metals and decontaminating solvents (to recover molecules that can be re-used or to decontaminate them). Until now, the "recipes" used ...

Analytical Chemistry Feb 19, 2020

A new way to assess male fertility

Current tests for male fertility include measuring the concentration and motility of spermatozoa. However, other characteristics of sperm, such as their ability to follow a chemical trail to the egg, can influence the likelihood ...

Biotechnology Feb 03, 2020

Shape-morphing living composites

In a recent study published on Science Advances, L. K. Rivera-Tarazona and a research team in the departments of bioengineering and biological sciences at the University of Texas, Dallas, U.S., established a new method to ...

Bio & Medicine Feb 14, 2020

Pancreatic cancer 'time machine' exposes plot twist in cell growth and invasion

Pancreatic cancer has one of the worst survival rates among cancers. Patients can expect as low as a 9% chance to live for at least five years after being diagnosed.

Analytical Chemistry Feb 03, 2020

New device identifies high-quality blood donors

Blood banks have long known about high-quality donors—individuals whose red blood cells stay viable for longer in storage and in the recipient's body.

Nanophysics Jan 30, 2020

Synchronized swimming: Biology on a micro-scale

Specialized stringy fluids flow through the human joints and help constitute substances such as mucus. These fluids contain long, flexible molecules like polymers or proteins, giving them the ability to stretch and absorb ...

Cell & Microbiology Dec 05, 2019

Physical forces affect bacteria's toxin resistance, study finds

A random conversation between two Cornell researchers at a child's birthday party led to a collaboration and new understanding of how bacteria resist toxins, which may lead to new tools in the fight against harmful infections.

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