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Materials Science 21 hours ago

Capturing 3-D microstructures in real time

Modern scientific research on materials relies heavily on exploring their behavior at the atomic and molecular scales. For that reason, scientists are constantly on the hunt for new and improved methods for data gathering ...

Biotechnology 23 hours ago

Cell-free biotechnology could help accelerate COVID-19 therapeutics

When it comes to fighting a fast-spreading pandemic, speed is critical.

Optics & Photonics 22 hours ago

Photocatalytic optical fibers convert water into solar fuel

Researchers at the University of Southampton have transformed optical fibers into photocatalytic microreactors that convert water into hydrogen fuel using solar energy.

Plants & Animals 21 hours ago

Plant root hairs key to reducing soil erosion

The tiny hairs found on plant roots play a pivotal role in helping reduce soil erosion, a new study has found. The research, led by the University of Bristol and published in Communications Biology, provides compelling evidence ...

Materials Science 22 hours ago

Researchers seek to develop antiviral membrane mask

Dibakar Bhattacharyya has been a fixture in the University of Kentucky's College of Engineering for more than 50 years and is renowned for his research, which focuses on incorporating life sciences materials with synthetic ...

Condensed Matter Mar 30, 2020

Resolving spatial and energetic distributions of trap states in metal halide perovskite solar cells

In a new report published on Science, Zhenyi Ni and a research team in applied physical sciences, mechanical and materials engineering and computer and energy engineering in the U.S. profiled spatial and energetic distributions ...

Materials Science Mar 30, 2020

Using chemical boundary engineering to create steel that is strong and flexible without high carbon content

A team of researchers from China, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands has found a way to use chemical boundary engineering to create steel that is strong and flexible without the need for high carbon content. In their paper ...

Ecology Mar 31, 2020

Sophisticatedly engineered 'watercourts' stored live fish, fueling Florida's Calusa kingdom

The mighty Calusa ruled South Florida for centuries, wielding military power, trading and collecting tribute along routes that sprawled hundreds of miles, creating shell islands, erecting enormous buildings and dredging canals ...

Materials Science Mar 31, 2020

Textile-fiber-embedded multiluminescent device for future wearable devices

Dr. Soon Moon Jeong's research team in the Division of Energy Technology at DGIST has developed a new structure of luminescence technology. This will enable the production of light-emitting elements that overcome the limitations ...

Materials Science Apr 01, 2020

New materials: Brilliant white without pigments

Polymer foils that are extremely thin and characterized by a high light scattering rate are produced by a new process developed by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). The inexpensive material may be applied industrially ...

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