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Quantum Physics Jul 30, 2020

Quantum machines learn 'quantum data'

Skoltech scientists have shown that quantum enhanced machine learning can be used on quantum (as opposed to classical) data, overcoming a significant slowdown common to these applications and opening a "fertile ground to ...

Quantum Physics Jun 16, 2020

Quantum material research facilitates discovery of better materials that benefit our society

A joint research team from the University of Hong Kong (HKU), Institute of Physics at Chinese Academy of Science, Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory, Beihang University in Beijing and Fudan University in Shanghai, has provided ...

Materials Science Jun 15, 2020

Cutting-edge computing paves way to future of NMR spectroscopy

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy helps chemists and other scientists identify and explore atomic structures. However, NMR is limited by the availability of catalogs of reference data to compare and identify structures.

General Physics Jan 21, 2020

Low power metal detector senses magnetic fingerprints

Most traditional electromagnetic methods for detecting hidden metal objects involve systems that are heavy, bulky and require lots of electricity.

General Physics Nov 04, 2019

Extending electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy to nanoliter volume protein single crystals

Biochemists can use electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) on protein single crystals to determine the ultimate electronic structure of paramagnetic protein intermediates and investigate the relative magnetic tensor to a molecular ...

Quantum Physics Oct 18, 2019

Quantum spacetime on a quantum simulator

Quantum simulation plays an irreplaceable role in diverse fields, beyond the scope of classical computers. In a recent study, Keren Li and an interdisciplinary research team at the Center for Quantum Computing, Quantum Science ...

Condensed Matter Apr 09, 2019

Evidence of pair-density wave (PDW) in spin-valley locked systems

The isolation of graphene more than a decade ago transformed the landscape of condensed-matter physics, as the single-atom-thick, two-dimensional material exhibited high crystal and electronic quality to represent a conceptually ...

Astronomy Apr 05, 2019

Gravitational waves helping to expose black holes, dark matter and theoretical particles

Gravitational waves – the invisible ripples in the fabric of space predicted by Albert Einstein – are opening up a new era of astronomy that is allowing scientists to see parts of the universe once thought to be invisible, ...

General Physics Oct 05, 2018

Neutrons scan magnetic fields inside samples

With a newly developed neutron tomography technique, an HZB team has mapped for the first time magnetic field lines inside materials at the BER II research reactor. Tensorial neutron tomography promises new insights into ...

General Physics Oct 09, 2017

Scientists address many-electron problem by modeling an infinite chain of hydrogen atoms

(—For the first time, scientists have determined the equation of state of an infinite chain of hydrogen atoms, which tells the amount of energy each hydrogen atom has, given the bond length between adjacent atoms.

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